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Lets do this!!!

Rina1230 November 5, 2012 User blog:Rina1230
Bickslow prof proposal

come on dad be awesome and make ur lil girl happy XD

Morin everyone or Night?? O_o well lets make this quick so u guys can go do what ever u guys want! Check it out: WANNA MAKE FAIRY TAIL FIRST?! well just vote lets do this guys Me and Natsumi will try spreading the word to everyone but this is the quickest
Opening 2


Mirajane Strauss GMG

just for gramps

Kagura Mikazuki GMG

Just for u Mega

Jellal Prop

Jellal for Carrot

Wendy's Tears

dont know why but just for Rem

Post-Time Skip Midnight 2

Just for me:)

Rina away good luck Fairy tail oh and One vote for each user :)

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