The tier list among antagonists (+ indicates the character(s) is/are stronger than the usual examples):

1. Soldier tier: Henchmen, 08/15-Dark Guild members.

2. Elite Soldier tier: Erigor, Lyon, Element 4 (minus Aria), Erza's friends.

3. Lieutenant tier: Aria, Gajeel.

4. Elite Lieutenant tier: Trinity Raven, Thunder God Tribe, Doriate.

5. General tier: Oracion Seis, Edolas Generals, Seven Kin of Purgatory(+), Legion Corps, Neo Oracion Seis(+), Raven Tail, Garou Knights, Neo Minerva(+), Nine Demon Gates(+), Avatar's Elites.

6. Elite General tier: Laxus, Zero, Bluenote, Byro Cracy, Ivan Dreyar, Future Rogue, Silver, Demon-Jiemma, Arlock, Three Stars, Zash(+).

7. High General tier: Jose, Jellal, Dorma Anim, Animus.

8. Apostle tier: Hades, Mard Geer, Spriggan 12, Dragons(+).

9. Half-God tier: Larcade, Irene, August, base-Zeref.

10. God tier: Fairy Heart-Zeref, Acnologia, Time Lapse-Acnologia(+).

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