Here we go:

1. August. The copy mage, who can clone any magic and send it back and does it with almost every magic (aside from some exceptions, which are learned magics).

2. Irene Belserion. The dragon-high enchantress.

3. Larcade Dragneel. The three-desire-Etherious.

4. God Serena. The eight-element-Dragon-Slayer.

5. Bloodman. The all-curses-user-"Shinigami".

6. Invel Yura. The ice mage.

7. Dimaria Yesta. The time mage & God Soul user.

8. Wall Eehto. The alchemist.

9. Ajeel Ramal. The sand wizard.

10. Jacob Lessio. The assassin.

11. Brandish µ. The size shifter.

12. Neinhart. The creator of posthumous clones.

If you have your ideas, write them.

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