Everything that's left is, that Fairy Tail gets the anime adaptation to the end and the volume 63 afterwords.

What will happen:

- Final afterwords regarding the end.

- The Spriggan 12 get their power list (like Tartaros).

- Trailer with Avatar and the snake guy VAs announced.

- Trailer with God Serena, Brandish, Marin, Invel, Dimaria, Ajeel, August, and Wallbot VAs announced. (Two were already said and their characters made a debut in the 2nd movie.)

- Trailer with Wall, Jacob, Neinhart, Irene, Juliet, Heine, Bloodman, Larcade, and Anna VAs announced.

- Making a break between chapter 493 and 494, or 453 and 454.

Well, that's it. What do you wish to happen in the anime?

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