Hey all, names Retro7. Most of you know me here, others do not. Nice to meet all regardless ^_^. That said let's go

Chap 255: Fairy Sphere

Quick Breakdown: Tenrou Island is found so are the missing members. They come back and kick some butt, everyone's happy. The end =P

My Thoughts: No! NO! NO! AUGH! Mashima what the hell man?! There was so much potential in the last few chapters. The passing of seven years, the state of disarray the Fairy Tail guild was in and the thought of our main characters being dead.

And with just one chapter, he sweeps everything away like a finished checkers game. Seriously they've been frozen for so long...why? They don't really give an explanation other then its a special magic for defense. I suppose it has something to do with the dragons since "seven" been a running number in the series. But at the moment it just pointless.

Then came the moment where we'll get to see Romeo stand up against Twilight Orge. Now the thing that should've happened was that we get to see Romeo fight. Hes a member of the guild and older now. No doubt hes been training. He can make fire (most likely its an offshoot of his father's magic) and we would've got to see his skill. Sure he might've lost but at least he'd have done something. But no, just before he can get the chance. Simple spit, SPIT, stops him. Just...really?

And then the real kicker, NONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE AGED AT ALL! I was afraid of this, I was really hoping none of the speculation was true, but sadly Mashima went the "time frozen inside while the world outside continues" route. So yeah, no change in appearance for these guys and most likely their skill set is still the same as ever. Wonderful T_T

The only good I can see is that 1) Its confirmed that the girl is indeed Mavis and not a bad looking cutie (also explains a lot about the nature of the guild). And 2) With the seven years passed no doubt they'll have stronger foes waiting for them. So maybe they'll have to up their game too, starting with Twilight Orge.

Still this was just lazy writing and such a disappointing comeback of our group. That said though, I am looking forward to the next chapter which I guess will explain why the guild is the way it is and where do they go from there. I can only hope that Mishima explanation is better then the handwave that was this chapter.

Grade: D

PS: Oh yeah, does this look familiar? :

Sheesh, talk about rehashing.

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