Well back to the review grind, least this time I don't have to review 20 odd chapters. =P Also much love to those that welcomed me back, it's great seeing you all all again. ^_^

Chapter 344: Wizards Vs Hunters

What Went Down?

So when we last left off, Team Natsu (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, Erza, Happy and Carla) headed for Sun Village, a village of giants that were mysteriously frozen by an unknown force. When the group get there, they find three treasure hunters scouting the place. They claim Moon Drip will unfreeze the giants and have some on them but refuse to give it up. And thus a chase ensues.

The group (sans Erza who wanted to do some investigating) continue the chase before the hunters decide to retaliate. All of them having specialized weapons. One has a weapon shaped like a hand that can cancel out Natsu's fire attack and hit back just as strong. Another has a pretty cool sword that that can extend. And another that is...just a plain sniper =P. But the guy's pretty good with it, so there you go. Both groups are at a stalemate.

Meanwhile Erza looks around the village and deduces from the giants' position that they were protecting something at the top of the mountain. She finds nothing after a climb but for some reason, she's regressed into a child.

My Thoughts


Some bits of action and some intrigue but nothing really to write home about. This one just showed off the adversaries weapons. Ho hum, and really their not terribly interesting. Yeah the hand thing stopped Natsu's fire but it's pretty much a mechanical hand on a stick. The other things are a sword and a sniper rifle. I wouldn't really call them good after dodging or deflecting a few attacks. Team Natsu been up against stronger opponents who've done likewise. Though I suppose just because their not using magic they're suppose to be good. If that's the case though, they need to be a tad more impressive then this.

The rest of the chapter was better, we see Erza deductive skills in actions as well as some beautiful artwork of the giants and village. Top notch stuff. The chapter ending on the question what exactly the Eternal Flame is and why Erza had turned back into a child provided a good mystery too. So that's another saving grace.

Final Score


Standard action and nothing too noteworthy. Only Erza's section was of any interest and brought the chapter up a bit but not by much. It's just a chapter to start a few fights and nothing else. Wouldn't surprise me if Team Natsu beats the three in the next chapter. Though considering the need the Moon Drip, I suppose it wouldn't be that easy now would it?


Well Erza's a kid and Minerva lurking around for revenge. Yeah, I think you all can see where this is going. Also we may have found a plot point to reverse Ultear's aging. Hmm.

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