Firstly congrats to Mashima for reaching the big 3-0-0. A feat not many mangaka can do. It may not always be perfect, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the series so far and honored to have read it this long. Heres to many more chapters however long Fairy Tail continues to run.

And secondly, HOLY -BLEEP-!

Chapter 300: Where The Dragon's Spirit Slumbers

What Went Down: Jellal returns to Ultear and Meredy apparently having given up his pursuit of the mysterious girl and tells the two what she told him. As the residents of the city ponder whose going to be the number one guild while looking at the leaderboard. At Sabertooth HQ, Jiemma, not surprisingly, throttles Sting and Rouge for their loss. Lector tries to calm down the guild master but Jiemma responds by vaporizing the poor Exceed. Sting, in anger, blasts a hole through Jiemma's midsection to the shock of the whole guild save Minerva who seems oddly pleased with this. Meanwhile Gajeel, Natsu, Wendy and their Exceeds along with Gray and Lucy, go to the dragon graveyard. Wendy mentions that one of the techniques that Grandeneey left her was the ability to talk to dragon spirits. And elsewhere, the mysterious woman leaves a note for a guard mentioning the Eclipse plan that will occur on day four of the games.

Cheers and Jeers:

- Crime Sorcière Regroup

A short scene but an interesting one. Least it's confirmed the girl isn't a bad guy and also leads credence to the time travel theory if she managed to know about the Eclipse plan. But now that they have the knowledge of this, can they stop the plan before it goes into motion?

- Sting and Rouge's Ex-Communication

Ah the bread and butter of the chapter. Jiemma pretty much acted as expected only ten times worse then what he did to Yukino. She got off lightly compared to the two dragon slayers. They were already pretty injured, it was like watching someone kick a pair of wounded puppies. But alas the worst had to come when poor Lector got turned to ashes. I may not have thought Lector and his past story with Sting interesting, but he really didn't deserve that. Especially for such a stupid reason of having the Sabertooth crest on his on back. What's worse was that Lector was talking sense, yeah they lost but it was a learning experience and they could indeed grow stronger from it. But nope, Jiemma just has to have his way, screw common sense and really how could he not know two of his best members had cats with them, goes to show he really doesn't give a damn about his members. Just what they can do for his guild. Dare I say, this part actually did feel like a heartbreaker, I could actually feel for Sting as he watched his friend die and didn't blame him for his actions afterward. Rouge protecting Frosh was also quite well handled too, like a father trying to protect his child and considering Jiemma was on the warpath, it was a reasonable reaction. It even ended on a great cliff-hanger of Minerva actually smirking over seeing her father attacked. What the heck is up with that?

- Visit to the Dragon Graveyard.

After the above, this one felt like an afterthought. A bit of exposition that the dragons are ancient and that our three "parents" of FT's Dragon Slayers aren't among them (but of course, heck we saw Igneel not too long ago) and thats about it. I do like the Chekhov's Gun that was the papers that was left to Wendy and how not all the techniques were meant for attacks. Kinda wished we could've seen Milky Way in action this chapter but eh. Gotta save for later plots I suppose. Nice to see Lucy's up and about though.

- The Final Bit with the Mysterious Girl

Mostly adding this as a observation as I re-read this last part a few times. Most I can tell with the way she handled the pen and the guard's noticing her handwriting. I think it's safe to say our little mystery person has lost an arm and her writing one too. Course this is just a bit of guessing on my part. What do you guys think?

- Final Grade: A

The whole scene with Sabortooth made this chapter and was quite well handled in it's drama. I actually felt sorry for Sting and Lector and the twist of Jiemma getting skewered was certainly something I didn't see coming. Really looking forward to the repercussions from this. Did Jinema survive? (Hey this is a shonen setting, it's possible) If he didn't, will Sting be arrested for murder? Will Rouge, Frosh and he leave the guild? What will Sting's personality be like after this? And what was Minerva's smirk all about?

After all that, the rest of the bits in this chapter kinda paled in comparison though I know it's important in the long run. I do look forward to seeing what Crime Sorcière next move is and what the dragon spirits will tell the group once Wendy makes contact with them. All this build up for the reckoning day that will be July 7th, I really and honestly hope Mashima gives us a good pay off for it. But for now, this chapter was a very great read and worthy of being the 300th one. Cheers, Mashima!

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