Anyone else think there might be a war brewing in this series?

Chapter 288: Wendy vs Chelia

What Went Down: So Wendy and Wendy vs. Chelia begin their fight with Wendy unleashing her wind power. But Chelia surprisingly also has wind magic, A Sky Slayer one in fact. After some back and forth, Wendy finds herself on the ropes. She goes for her ultimate attack but just as it seems she's won. Wendy vs. Chelia suddenly gets back to her feet with most of her wounds healed and Wendy now spent of magic. Meanwhile Jellal reaches the collisium and detects the bad magic coming from... Chelia?

Cheers and Jeers: A good fight chapter and nice struggle from Wendy. Was just as surprised as everyone that Chelia's magic was Sky Slayer based which upped the ante on the battle as it was practically wind vs wind. Making the fight much more trickier for Wendy. I didn't expect it to be easy but man Wendy was put through the ringer. Chelia also seems to have a little blood knight in her considering how she keeps telling Wendy to enjoy the battle. It could be she's just being friendly but considering the ending of the chapter, hmm...

I loved the subversion of Wendy hardest attack failing and keep in mind this was the first we've seen of it too. Indeed against any normal opponent that would be an instant K.O but considering Chelia seems to be no normal opponent, a bummer for Wendy. Still though I'm kinda wary on how this'll end. Not the first time this happened i.e the Hades fight, dude took "two" finishers (the second being an on the fly power up) and kept trucking but in that case it was because he was hiding his weak spot. Which kinda spoiled the battle cause Hades was technically cheating. So I'm really hoping this isn't a repeat of that.

And on that note, this being the second time Anti-slayer magic is being used, I'm curious to what kind of properties such magic holds and where it came from. With Jellal suspicious of Chelia's magic connected to Zeref, one gets the feeling that he, during his evil times, created it to keep dragon slayers off his back. It would make sense given how much trouble Natsu had with Zancrow. Certainly food for thought.

That said this battle can go one of two ways, either Wendy does give up or be defeated. Or that second container of magic will finally kick in (considering that none of Fairy Tail A has really gone all out yet in a one on one fight, its pretty likely). So I hope this comes to a good conclusion. Till next week!

Grade: A

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