Not bad, not bad at all. Also I wish Mangastream would move their fanart to the back of the chapter.

Chapter 289: Tiny Fists

What Went Down: The battle of Wendy and Chelia continues. Chelia gives Wendy a chance to surrender. Wendy of course doesn't and gets her second...wind (Rimshot) and continues the battle. The two go at it but in the end both sides tie and Wendy and Chelia becomes friends. Jellal realizes he was wrong about the evil magic coming from Chelia and senses it moving. He tries to chase it down, but just as he gets close, Doranbolt gets in his way as he knows Mystogan is not suppose to be in the guild. If that wasn't bad enough, Lahal and some knights appear behind Jellal, trapping him between a rock and a hard place.

Cheers and Jeers: This week sees a new system of my reviews in an effort to space out my opinions.

Doronbolt's Info

Mmm well considering he was a mole I suppose it would make sense he would know info on the guild. But I gotta rise an eyebrow here as its been seven years since he last saw them. Yeah Mystogan was gone by that point. But for him to make this assumption once FT gets back is a real lucky guess in the dark. I mean for all he knows, Mystogan could be visiting. Still it did at least put some nice tension on the table.

Wendy and Chelia's Battle Conclusion

Heh score one Mishima on proving me wrong. Not only is Chelia not evil but the battle didn't turn out at all like I expected. Wendy actually using her power to revive Chelia's magic was actually quite clever and I like the fact that Chelia's magic has a drawback (Can revive injury but not stamina). Plus I had forgotten that Wendy's magic deals in reviving fatigue as part of her support. So not only does this make the final bits of the battle feel natural (it pretty much goes into a fist fight at the end. Hence the title) but also believable as well. I'm not even mad that they tied, though I could do without the whole "lets be friends" thing, bleh (also was Wendy sporting fangs in one of the panels?). But overall that was a good bout.

Jellal Trapped

Also impressed with this section of the chapter, Just as we're about to uncover who this "evil source" is. Doranbolt literally reveal-blocks us, heh whenever something secret this big comes up, Mashima pretty much pulls the covers almost instantly but for once he actully wait on it, keeping the mystery going for a while. What's more we even get a good cliff hanger with Jellal in a tight spot. So indeed, kudos.

Prediction for Next Chapter'

Considering we ended on Erza, I'm guessing she'll come to his rescue to bail him out. As for the evil guy, well could be Zeref, himself since the magic is moving. That or an subordinate in general.

Overall: Good bout and a great cliffhanger. Needless to say thats all I really ask of the manga, to just tell a good story and Mashima did wonderfully this week. Looking forward to see how Jellal wil get out of this one.

Grade: A

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