Well that lasted as long as I expected.

Chapter 310: This Country of Ours

What Went Down:

Lucy and Yukino battles Uosuke, or rather Yukino does and Lucy deals the final blow. The others in the Rescue Team overcome their opponents powers and lay into them. Coincidentally knocking all the Garou Team into each other, defeating them.

- Important Things of Note

  • We see the human appearance of Pisces which turn out to be a mother and son (who are oddly weak against water despite being fish. =p)
  • The Garou Team is defeated.

- My Thoughts:

This was a pretty fast moving chapter and really not much happens outside of just doling out the finishers.

The human appearance of Pisces certainly threw me off (and geez get a load of the mother of the duo, could Mashima focus anymore on her breasts? =P) but they have interesting designs and I laughed at the irony that they're weak in water (I guess since Kagura moved so fast in their battle, they didn't have time to change form heh). Though we don't get much from them, they only score one attack on Uosuke before he hits them with water. A pity really, hope the anime gives them more screen time. I'm also rather surprised Aquarius was actually helpful for once here.

The rest of the finishers were basically wind ups before all of them are unleashed simultaneously and, honestly, really wasn't anything spectacular save for Pantherlily managing to cut through the acid. I could already tell Wendy was gonna use support magic to save herself and called Mirajane's battle before it even started (though her reasoning for going all out and sucking in poison was interesting). The leader was an absolutely joke, I was expecting him to be at least on par with Natsu with such a cool design, but he was already on the ropes before we could get to know the guy. Tch.

That said the splash pages of the final blows were at least cool as was Natsu's declaration of taking down anyone who would threaten their guild, shame they couldn't say that in front of Sabertooth but eh. Oh and of course his final line to the Garou Leader as well, LOL.

- Final Grade: B-

Had some decent finishers. But this was way too fast and we hardly got to see the Wolves really go all out. They barely posed much of a challenge for the most part and too much time was spent on Lucy and Yukino's battle which hurt the others' screen time too. But hey least we're moving on with the story and see what the Rescue Team's next move is since they've achieved their objectives Plus hopefully we will return back to the tournament to see how the FT team is doing as well.

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