I..what...I don't even...

Chapter 293: The Perfume Dedicated To You

What Went Down: The games move into the tag matches. Blue Pegasus Ichiya and The Masked Rabbit Guy vs Quartro Puppy Bacchus Rocker. Bunny guy is revealed to be...Nichiya (the Exceed version of Ichiya if you don't remember). Nichiya gets knocked out instantly, Ichiya manages to wins on his own making that whole mystery and battle pointless. Lyon and Yuka (Lamia Scale) take on Mermaid Heel's Kagura and Millianna. Match ends in tie. Finally Natsu and Gajeel take on Sting and Rouge. Igneel is seen preparing to head out as the match begins.

Cheers and Jeers:

- Bunny Man's Mystery Revealed


Really what can I say? That was was...horrifying (and not in the good scary way). Okay I admit I chuckled a bit when the reveal came and of course Ichiya is vain enough to partner with someone similar to himself. Not to mention Nichiya getting one-shoted just as the match starts and Hibiki and Jenny making kissy face. But everything after that was just..ugh. God that close up of Ichiya's face will be in my nightmares for awhile. This whole mess takes up most of the chapter too, and even more insulting that Quarto Puppy (which had Bacchus fighting this time, you know the guy whom Elfman could barely win again) losing to these nut cases. Just why?

Most I can say is that this is a "calm before the storm" thing. Relaxing us before we get to the heavy duty stuff. But of all the characters to use @_@.

- Everything Afterwards

Not much happens after the above. We get an offscreen fight which I really would've preferred seeing, considering the match came to a tie. Plus this battle had two anti-magic wielders too, talk about a missed opportunity. The only thing that comes out of it is that we know no one's been able to make Kagura get serious for awhile. A prelude to the final games I'm guessing. I'm also starting to get the feeling that Kagura a death-seeker after her last lines to Millianna. Hmm

And of course the match everyone saw coming since the events were listed, Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rouge. Not a bad build up, especially with Igneel wondering aloud if the Dragon Slayer plan will work, pretty much cheering on Natsu from afar as Gajeel and he stare down their rivals. Its a good and tense set up to leave on before the big battle.

-Final Grade: D

Despite a few chuckles, I'm not a fan of the Trimens and especially their leader, so having a whole chapter dedicated to him and his exceed counterpart is not exactly something I'm gonna go gaga over. Seeing a potentially awesome fight get pushed to the wayside didn't help matters either. I can understand this is a set up chapter but there were better ways to go about it. Least we can look forward the Dragon Slayer smack down next week. Make it count, Mashima.

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