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Chapter 307: The Order of The Hungry Wolves

What Went Down: Everyone reels from Gray's victory, we get a flashback why Sting is still with Sabertooth, Minvera usurped control from her father and told Sting she had "saved" Lector but refused to give him back unless Sting won the tourney. Meanwhile the Rescue Team try to take a passageway out of the Pitfall Palace only to find a wounded Aracdios before being attacked by a mysterious group who call themselves the Order of the Hungry Wolves, a secret group of executioners for the kingdom.

- Important Things Of Note

  • Minvera takes control of Sabertooth but wants to put Sting in charge of the guild
  • Lector is apparently alive but being held hostage by Minerva.
  • Aracdios is also in Pitfall Palace
  • Introduction of the Rescue Team's opponents.

- Cheers and Jeers:

Hmm quite an interesting chapter, starting with a flashback with Sabertooth. Yeah if you didn't like Minerva before, this isn't really gonna change your opinion of her. Very ironic that she would tell her own father about his "rules" after he was blasted. That must be some relationship they have.

At first I kinda rolled by eyes when Lector was mentioned to be alive, but the fact Minerva refuses to show it was a good move on Mashima part. We know she can teleport things as she did with Happy during Natsu's raid on the guild grounds, but considering her personality there's a very high chance she's lying and manipulating Sting into fighting for the guild. Really puts more mystery with her motives. Oh yeah I like the fact she also pretty observant with noticing Natsu putting his feelings into the fight when he went against the Twin Dragon Slayers the first time. She's gonna be a tricky opponent indeed.

The rest of the chapter goes to the Rescue Team. I had a feeling they couldn't fly out with the ceiling locked up (though why they didn't have Mira and Natsu, with Happy carrying him, just blast a way out is kinda eye raising). I'm not sure I like that line about Mira comparing Yukino to Lisanna, oh please don't tell me she's a long lost sibling or something. That would be way too convoluted.

And gotta say that was quite unexpected with the group running into a team of executors down in the pit but it makes sense considering where they are. Pretty harsh just to kill someone over thievery however, seriously. So we got a strongman, some flag guy with wind powers, a plant girl (seriously another one after coming off the Starry Sky arc?), a paper girl and a knight. Five opponents with the rescue team having four serious combatants (Natsu, Mirajane, Wendy, and Pantherlilly), Might be five if Yukino has a secondary power otherwise the group have their work cut out for em. And of course there's the question how Aracdios ended up in the pit in the first place too.

Final Grade: B

Some things that are hinted at that I wasn't too fond of but, but otherwise the rest of the chapter was pretty solid. We got some mysteries brewing on both sides with Minerva and what exactly is going on in the castle and some more fights on the way. Can't say I'm not loving it, till next chapter.

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