Sorry for the lateness all, been a very busy weekend. Special shout out to my mom as it her birthday this week. Happy Birthday, Mom ^_^.

Chapter 272: The Noble Loser

Skinny: Continuing on from last chapter, Flare threatens to hurt Bisca and Alzack's daughter to gain the advantage over Lucy. Lucy tries to surrender but Flare a sadistic cuss who keeps pounding on her anyway. Natsu hears whats going on and manages to save Azca. Lucy gets back in the fight but before she can unleash her finisher on Flare, her spell gets cancelled by one of the Raven Tail members on the sideline. Lucy faints from exhaustion unfortunately giving Raven Tail the win. While the crowd once more ridicules Fairy Tail, Natsu comforts a sorrowful Lucy reassuring her she did alright and vows from here on in, the A team gonna get serious.

My Thoughts: Yep, called it Lucy lost this one. But did I hate it? Not at all. For one Lucy actully put up a decent fight and the fact that Flare actually had to resort to cheating show she's indeed not to be messed with. Plus the tension of the chapter was very well put together with the FT members wondering whats going on and Lucy getting thrashed. I would say Natsu finding out about this plot is a bit of a cheat but then again he is pretty keen sometimes and he knows Lucy better then anyone, so kudos to that too.

This chapter also established that Raven Tail are a bunch of cheating bastards, no surprise for villains really. But keep in mind this is Iwan's guild here and he has a personal grudge against Marakov. So obviously they're trying to make Fairy Tail look bad, if not outright cripple the members. So far it seems to be working but were still early in the tourney and they can't keep it up forever. Once they're cheating is found out, well let's just say I look forward to when Raven Tail members will have to fight without the distractions. Course we still have to worry about Sabertooth and this mysterious power as well. Don't lose sight of that now, Hiro.

Long and short of it, excellent chapter and looking forward to the next matchup.

Grade: A

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