Since people apparently find it soooo taxing to read my reviews. I'll just try to keep this brief.

Fairy Tail 290: The Night That Our Feelings Cross

What Went Down:: Jellal gets unmasked, Yajima covers for him (though no one believes his excuse). Kaguya and Milliana see Jellal's face but hold off on attacking him. Jellal loses the target but comments that it doesn't feel like Zeref's magic. Markov and Laxus talk to Mavis about Luman Historie. Fairy Tail parties over their victories. We get more Elfman/Evergreen shipping. Sting is excited to fight Natsu the next day. And Yukino is revealed to be the Zeref-centered magic.

My Thoughts:

- Jellal Unmasked

Wow didn't think he would actully get exposed like that but I'm not complaining. Certainly knocked up the tension level especially with Kaguya and Milliana spotting him. I'm surprised the Magic Coucil knows about Edolas but I guess Marakov probably told them considering he knew Mystogan personally. So eh, either way this brought Jellal some time but no doubt trouble in the future later on.

- The Talk About Luman Historie

Heh a cute little section there with Mavis and yeah makes sense that Ivan would get the information from Hades. A symbol of light, huh two conflicting stories but considering Iwan heard it from Hades and his belief of what magic is. Yeah that story might be twisted a little.

- Fairy Tail Party

Silliness as usual but always a nice cool off. The whole barrel surfing thing reminded me of the Jackass movies (wouldn't be surprised if thats where Mashima got it from) LOL. Okay Mashima we get it! Elfman and Evergreen are gonna be a couple. Stop teasing us already! And of course we end on a forboding note from Levy. Hmmm.

- Yukino being a Zeref-supported Member

Again did not see that coming but looking back on her little aside during meeting Lucy, makes tons of sense. She wasn't offering the keys, she really was trying to give them to her for whatever plan Aracdias has going on. I don't know if I think she really deserved getting humilated during her ex-comunitacation now. Now that I think about it, maybe getting Natsu riled and attacking Sabertooth might have been part of her manipulation.

Then again Jellal said the magic was simlar to Zeref's but not. So good chance she might not be fully on board with whatever plan is going down. Food for thought.

Wait July 3rd, four days...oooh I see what you did there, Mashima. Hehe.

Final Grade: A

Good transition chapter, not much going down but we're learning bit by bit. Looks like next the fights are gonna be FT vs Sabertooth. The ultimate test to be the strongest is coming...and after that, tragedy.

But it'll be a fun ride getting there =D.

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