I swear Mashima, you just love to play hot potato with us dont'ca?

Chapter 297: The Face of the Girl I Saw Back Then

What Went Down: With Sting and Rouge's defeat, the coliseum goes wild for FT's victory. The other guilds set their sights on beating FT in the final match. Jinema's not happy about losing of course. Gajeel meanwhile, finds a dragon graveyard in the mines. Yukino is indeed revealed to be working with Arcadias though said Eclipse plan is to "save the world". Carla has another vision of the castle being destroyed as the FT members go to see Lucy. However Levy, in a moment ahead of the current time, narrates in a letter written to Lucy that something happened and many members died. We get a glimpse of a war torn land and Levy with scars on her face (!!) as she begs someone to help them. Back in the current time. Jellal catches up to the person with Zeref's magic. Said person turns to him, shocking Jellal greatly...but the chapter ends before we're revealed who it is.

Cheers and Jeers:

- Mo Victories, Mo Problems

Heh well not a bad aftermath portion. Seeing the other guilds get fired up to take on Fairy Tail was a nice touch. What tickled me is that Quarto Puppy (save Goldmine) wasn't in the list among them though as well as Marakov mischievous grin as challenges the other guilds to come at them.

Yeah I'm not surprised the rest of Sabertooth showed indifference to the victory save Jienma. Guy really is a sore loser if he has to scare an audience away like that. I'm actually kinda looking forward to what he'll do to Sting and Rouge when they come to.

Nice to see Mashima addressing my compliant with Rouge. It's small but a step to his personal meeting and history with Gajeel.

Natsu's smile was so cheesy but it's nice to see he's a good sportsman despite what happened earlier.

- The Dragon Graveyard

Well a cookie to all who saw this coming. Though I was thinking it might be a weapon or a ritual site. Still this is just as surprising and does tie in with what we learned earlier in the story arc. Also raises a lot of questions on what really happened to the dragons. Did they really go extinct...or were they hunted down. Hmmm.

- Yup, Yukio's working with Arcadias

That finally puts that theory to rest. Though it's obvious she trying to do right, just in the wrong way and this is going to have major consequences down the line. More then likely she'll probably join the heroes later.

And Arcadias, or Dio (wait... Dio? Eclipse? He's not a vampire is he?) plan is trying to save the world...huh. Yeah judging from what we've seen of him. I kinda doubt he has the best interests at heart. The "he's clumsy" line also seems to point at a petty Freudian Excuse as well. Either way, it's not looking good.

- The War Torn World

This...actually surprised me. Granted we been getting snippets of something horrible happening in the future but finally seeing it was quite the swerve along with a scarred Levy and her desperation. It's quite heartbreaking actually and also does a good job intriguing on what the heck happened. Especially when she mention that many of their friends died including "the one she loved". Oh my.

- The Mysterious Woman

And of course we have to end on a cock-teasing cliffhanger just as this mysterious person shows her face to Jellal. Judging from his reaction, he knows her...and then a black T.B.C comes up. Curse you Mashima T_T Brilliant yet devious.

-Final Grade: A

It was a good bounce back from the disappointing climax of the dragon slayer fight. We get a lot of information and speculation. Plus a good setup to the tragedy that is to come. Really I couldn't find anything to complain about save for the two week wait for the answers as we get through a two chapter breather side story. Eh, better then no chapters at all.

Alright Mashima you can have your gold star back. But try to make it worth our wild this time, plz?


I'm thinking this Eclipse plan is meant to draw the dragons to the area and...I don't know, siphon their power or something. Considering it involves destroying the castle and the devastation. Methinks either Arcadias got his power or he couldn't control it and something went wrong. Thoughts? Theories? -

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