Once again top of the mornin to ye lads and lasses! Tis the week of the ol touch of the green aka St. Patrick's Day. Wear yer best green gabs, hope you don't get pinched, grab a pint and join me as we review this week tale of the fairies. Shall we boyos?

Chapter 275: The Drunk Falcon

Skinny: Despite a disastrous first day in the Grand Magic Games. Fairy Tail remains in high spirits and "recuperate" their losses at a bar, i.e drinking, partying and having a good time like they always do. Elsewhere, Arcadias speaks with the king of about setting up matches putting Ezra and Bacchus against each other at his request. However it seems the knight has his own agenda. Speaking of Bacchus, he interrupts the festivities with his drunken antics till Ezra confronts him. He leaves claiming they'll settle things the next day while Ezra reveals to the others that he's Quatro Cerburus's S-Class mage meaning he's on par with her. Meanwhile Carla tells Polyursica the vision she saw; the capital's castle collapsing and in the midst of it Lucy, singing.

My Thoughts: Another breather chapter but we get a few developments in the process. Got some good comedy bits here the crowner being Juvia's little fantasy. The fact it came out of left field is what really surprised me and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the daydream reveal. Kudos to Mashima on that surprise attack. The second is of course Bacchus's introduction, managing to out drink Cana (though she was already kinda plastered there) and showing off his abilities in his drunken stupor. The fact that Ezra fought him to a stalemate like that in the past is indeed saying something of his strength. Go fig NOW Quatro Cerburus, the least interesting guild, gets serious but I do like that FT have rivals elsewhere. So here's hoping the fight will be something.

Answering my earlier blog question about Arcadias's allegiance here is that in fact he's on the dark side but working within the king's army. And of course a more specific description of Charla's vision. While the castle falling isn't surprising, Lucy singing is certainly intriguing. Added with the Levy's letter at the end of last chapter and got an very interesting mystery going on. I can only hope Mashima doesn't drop the ball here as we inch closer to the answer of this.

Overall a pretty good chapter. Nice comedy, a setup for a rival battle and some dark premonitions. Onward to Day two of the games!

Grade: A

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