Oh -Bleep-, son!

Chapter 311: This Country, Until Tomorrow

What Went Down:

The rescue team try to find a way out and we find out that Arcadios survived the lava thanks to a pendent he was given by the princess. An exit to the Palace opens and the group meet the mysterious girl. Meanwhile Datong returns to the castle and confronts Hisui over the Eclipse plan (which plan 2 is the real one), thus she starts to explain herself. Back at the games Juvia confronts Cheila and Erza is set to fight Minerva, but Kagura unexpectedly rushes to battle her. Minerva eventually does show up leading to a three-way clash.

-Important things of note:

  • Arcadios survived thanks to the princess and the Rescue Team meet the mysterious girl.
  • Hisui is the true mastermind behind the Eclipse project which Eclipse 2 is the real one. Arcadios was just covering for her.
  • A kink happens in Mavis's prediction.
  • Three-way fight between Erza, Kagura and Minerva.

-My thoughts:

Hot damn! Now were talking! The chapter was just full of suspense as everything finally starts to heat up. The mystery of the Eclipse project is coming to light and the group finally meet the cloaked girl.

Truth be told though I kinda had a feeling Hisui was the main one behind the project after she name dropped Arcadios a few chapters ago. Was certainly clever of her to use FT to get him out of the pit though exactly how did she know they were coming? Are they really that predictable when it comes to their friends? Hmm well certainly curious to see her reasons why she wanted to activate Eclipse. I'm sensing a time paradox here since her explanation and the cloaked girl's timing was suspiciously coincidental.

The three way battle was also something I saw coming, really it made sense. Minerva was trying to avoid one on one fights, so it's not surprise she'd have another target to take some of the heat off her. Cowardly? A bit. Smart? Definitely. I'm not complaining, a three-way battle against some of the strongest women in the series, hell yes!

Mavis looked cute as usual after her calculation somewhat goes awry. She wasn't too far off, I guess since she precieved Sabertooth as the main threat she just overlooked the few of the other strongest. Don't cry cutie, happens to the best of us.

-EDIT- Reread it again and a few odd thoughts suddenly occur.

  • How does Hisui have a pendent that protect against lava. It was mentioned her name means "Jade" and Zirconis is the jade dragon. Considering the charm protected Arcadios from being alive (remember Dragons are known for being immune to lava) why do I have a sickening theory we're about to meet another dragon slayer.
  • So the thieves theory is out, meh so much for Raven Tail getting back in this. But considering they keep talking about Zeref and Acologia and the past surrounding the games plus the "seven" timing. Good chance the next day, he's gonna make an appearance.
  • And also, and this is more of a peeve then anything, why did Kagura think that about Erza. I know she's probably still a little miffed about her connection to Jellal. But she saw how strong Erza was in the Pandemonium game, I'd say that's a pretty good indication she got her nickname for a reason.

That said, final grade still stands.

-Final Grade: A+

Mysterious are getting closer to being solved and a set-up for an epic smack down. I had absolutely no problems with this chapter, everything was in pace and moved along beautifully. Just please Mashima, and I'm on my hands and knees here, don't mess up this fight!

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