Hey all I'm back once again!


Yeah I deserve that. Yeah sorry for going silent no sooner then the Grand Magic Games arc ended. It just got busy over here once again that my schedule got thrown out of whack. I focused on some things but neglected others with my FF reviews once again getting the shaft. Well once again I got a lag in work and got caught up with the rest of the Sun Village arc. I figured I might as well review the rest of it. So here we go.

Sun Village Arc Review

What Went Down

So when I last left off, Team Natsu has entered the village to try to find the Eternal Flame at the request of Warren, one of the founding members of Fairy Tail. Once they had entered the place, they found it was a village of giants that was oddly frozen. The group encountered a treasure hunting guild, Sylph Labyrinth, who were trying to loot the place. A fight broke out between the groups while Erza went off investigating. But then suddenly turned into a child during so.

Well after that Natsu ran off as he heard a voice coming from somewhere with Gray not far behind. Erza wound up encountering Minerva who took advantage of her small size to try and defeat her (really are you surprised?). Gray meets another member of Succubus Eye, Doriate, who was responsible for Erza's de-aging and, -GASP-, he's a demon from the book of Zeref. Meanwhile, Lucy and Wendy fight the treasure hunters with sudden help from Flare Corana. Turns out Flare is from the village of the giants, having been raised there. So we get a three way fight. Lucy's group manage to beat the treasure hunters and send them flying. Gray's fights Doriate who proves to be a handful until he uses the magic that was used to freeze the giants to defeat Doriate. However this unleashes some kinda one-eyed winged creature in the process. Erza and Minerva's fight comes to a stand still once Doriate's spell is broken and Minerva decides to save it for another day.

The group managed to find the Eternal Flame which is somehow frozen. Gray attempt to thaw it out but it's not there when he does. Natsu fights the winged creature, and sends it plowing into where the flame was, using his magic to re-ignite it. Surprise, surprise, the flame is none other then Atlas Flame whose became the guardian of the village. Under the pleas of Flare, he thaws out the village. But before he disappears (he was a spirit by this point you see) he warns the group of Tartarus and E.N.D.

After which we get a celebration, Flare realizing that the giants consider her family and another trip back to Warren (as well as another hot springs scene. It's Mashima. Of course there would be one) where he warns the group of the rumors he heard of Tartarus. While at the same time Minvera returns to Succubus Eye but only to find the members killed by a member of Tartarus, with her next. Thus setting the stage for the coming arc.

My Thoughts

Mmm this was a pretty enjoyable yet kinda uneven arc.

I say uneven cause Mashima can't seem to decide where to really take the story. We're given this whole buildup of Minerva and Succubus Eye but that doesn't really go anywhere. Yeah we get this big reveal that Doriate is a creature of the book of Zeref. Which yeah is a big shocker, but beyond that, nothing. Minera likewise just cut and ran when she saw the giants were thawing. And come the end of the arc all of her guild was killed offscreen. Sylph Labyrinth likewise didn't contribute nothing other then just being obstacles for Team Natsu and they weren't really all that interesting to begin with.

On the other hand, some of the fights were not bad. Gray's was the main highlight here and I did like that he struggled against Doriate since he was de-aged and had limited magic on his side. The girls fight was cool, relied a lot on deus ex machinas to be sure but hey least it was in the context of their powers so I'll allow it. And despite the "Giant Space Flea from out of Nowhere" that was that giant one-eyed flying creature. It did seem to give Natsu some trouble, plus a great mid-air battle as well.

The reveal of Atlas Flame as the guardian was a nice touch and I liked that Flare was connected to it. Speaking of her, I wasn't surprised to see her again considering she showed up not long after the Grand Magic Games ended. As a character though, I like her. She still has some of that creepy vibe but does go through some good character development and was even given a pretty good reason why she joined Raven Tail. Plus how can you deny that smile at the end when the giants welcomed her back (y'know aside from the blatant fanservice =P Oy Mashima).

We wrap up with some interesting foreshadowing for the next arc and a preview of coming events with the appearance of one of the Tartarus members. Is Minerva dead? Mmm I wouldn't say so considering this member offered her strength if she could survive...whatever it planned to do to her. So yeah good chance she'll show up as a subordinate if not some really warped monster. I do hope Mashima give us some backstory to Minerva. I'm really curious why she would go to such extremes just to be a winner. Erza certainly sees something in her, so I'll take that as a hint we might get something later on.

Final Score

Eh I'll give it a B. It's not a great arc but as a in-between its a pretty good showcase. Some good jokes, some good fights, and a little plot progression. Could've been better told but it's short so I'll cut it some slack.

We're jumping into a new arc this week, so I'll try my best to stay up to date. Till then, hope you all have a Happy Halloween. Peace and love ^_^.

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