Progressing nicely, but I got a few things to say.

Chapter 295: Sting and Lector

What Went Down: So Sting and Rouge activate Dragon Force. Sting decides to take Natsu and Gajeel on by himself to show his strength. His power increases and he beats the FT Dragon Slayers around for a bit, even destroying the floor of the coliseum dropping the fight into the lower levels. Sting reveals his back story as Lector was being bullied because no one believed him that he saw Sting and Rouge beat a dragon. Sting promised that one day he'll beat Salamander instead in front of the world. In the present, it seems he made good on that promise as Natsu and Gajeel are down. But they suddenly get to their feet no worse for wear. Natsu compliments Sting but decides to show them his power by taking on Sting and Rouge himself. Gajeel? He...was pushed in a mine cart and sent rolling from the battle =P.

Cheers and Jeers:

-Sting's Retaliation

So yeah smug guy fights back in his super mode and not surprisingly kicks Natsu and Gajeel's asses. It was expected and but still pretty enjoyable. Especially when the fight moved to the lower levels of the coliseum after Sting nukes the ground. Really would've liked more counters from Natsu and Gajeel to keep it from looking too one sided. But eh, the combat was nicely drawn as always though.

-Sting's Promise

Really? So that whole promise was just to show up Natsu so Lector can feel better after getting bullied. Well it's sweet but kinda...well narcissistic. Sting's already pretty strong enough and part of a well known guild, won't that already prove a point. And what's beating Natsu gonna prove anyway? Yeah he's a dragon slayer but he's still human. Just one with fire powers. How's that any different from fighting a top level magic user. Sheesh no wonder he's a prick to everyone, he only seems to care about himself even when he's trying to help his friends.

-No Sell and Ironic Echo

Okay I didn't mine that Natsu and Gajeel got up from that. Trust me, if they can survive getting smacked around by a mecha-dragon or a mage with dark magic then of course this is nothing. And like I said before, Sting mostly a one shot person just overpowering his opponents with his magic then being precise about it. So really Natsu and Gajeel shrugging it off was to be expected. Natsu taking Gajeel out of the fight is another thing entirely. Seriously what was that all about, I'm sure Gajeel would've stood back and like him fight it out by himself if he wanted. Good for a laugh but it was still pretty stupid. Just because Natsu got up from the last attacks doesn't mean two dragon slayers with Dragon Force active is gonna be an easy challenge. Hell we haven't even seen Rouge fight in super mode yet. This is tempting fate of the highest caliber, even by his standards.

-Final Grade: B-

A good continuation of the fight as well as seeing Sting show off his powers. But his promise just comes off as rather selfish and petty. Natsu taking Gajeel out of the fight like that was also rather stupid too but I suppose there's a reason (see Predictions below). Overall decent chapter.


Seeing how they're in the lower levels and theres mines underneath. I'd say Gajeel gonna find something interesting. As for Natsu against Rouge and Sting. Well it's gonna be difficult, wouldn't surprise me if he got his butt kicked and needed Gajeel to bail him out.

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