Top o the day laddies, ushering in March and the month of daylights saving time. Tis be the first review of the month. Let's be off then!

Chapter 273: Orga of the Black Lightning

Skinny: The rest of the day's matches continue. Blue Pegasus's Ren takes on Mermaid Heel's Arania of which we learn Eve and Sherry now dating since the Nirvana arc. Ren goes on to win his battle. Next, Quatro Cerberus's War Cry takes on Sabertooth's Orga Nanagear though its pretty much a curbstomp as War Cry is taken out in an instant before he can even do anything. Finally the first day's events reach their final match, with Fairy Tail B's "Mystogan" (aka Jellel) versing Lamia Scale's Jura. Oooooh shivers.

My thoughts: After the craziness of Hidden and Lucy's battle, this is more or less a breather and to allow the other characters some screen time. While I didn't mind that Ren won his battle, was kinda hoping to see more from Arania since she had an interesting design. I was chuckling that Sherry and he are dating (Though seven years? Dude tie the knot already). This also may explain why Sherry didn't participate, she probably wouldn't have had the heart to fight him head on, heh go fig.

Orga vs War Cry was pretty much meh, like I said Quarto Cerberus group aren't all that interesting. So it wasn't surprising that War Cry was just used as cannon fodder to show how strong Orga is. Guess we know who Orga gonna face later. Also I didn't really find the whole "sing a song" thing all that funny. Just a case of blind worship from the Sabertooh fans I suppose.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't looking forward to the Jellal and Jura fight. Jura pretty much wiped the floor with Brain last time (admittedly Brain didn't really put up much of a fight but still...) so we know Jura isn't to be played with. But I'm looking forward to see what Jellal can do since the time skip. Hell he hasn't really fought since he took on Natsu at the Tower of Paradise, so to see him fully back in action will indeed be interesting. Yeah I know he's overhyped in this series, but at least he's actually doing something this time.

Overall a pretty average chapter, nothing too noteworthy but it moved the plot along and thats really all I can ask for.

Final Grade: B

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