HELLO ALL! Well all that read this anyway =P. For those that forgot, name Retro7 and this is Fairy Flush Reviews. I've been a little inactive as of late due to some business on my end that kept me from reviewing. But it's died down now and I'm ready to pick up where I left off. Six chapters in front of me since my last review of "Chariot" (cracks knuckles). Let do it

Chapter 277: Socks

What Went Down: Natsu and Wendy recover in the ward, Charle reframes from telling Lucy about her premonition. Toby fights Raven Tail's Kurohebi, loses. Makes a speech about losing his prized sock which is on his necklace. Kurohebi rips it up to show what a douhce he and his guildmate are. Next match is Elfman vs Bacchus because Arcadias messed up the schedule. Doh well manly fight! Oh yeah and Bacchus makes a bet that if he wins, he can date Mirajane and Lisanna. Elfman is not pleased. And Natsu awakens to find Wendy, Charle, and Polyurscia missing.

Cheers and Jeers: More plot development and we get more insight into Kurohebi's character, he's gonna be a nasty competitor when it FT's turn to take him on. The sock thing was rather stupid to establish this but then again it is Toby. Disappoint Erza didn't take on Bacchus but did like the swerve from her to Elfman. Good stuff.

Grade: B

Chapter 278: Elfman vs Bacchus

What Went Down: Natsu tracks the unfamiliar scents to the kidnappers who are taking Wendy, Charle and Polyursica and easily kicks their butts. Elfman's battle isn't going so well as Bacchus avoids all his attacks, he isn't even being serious since he hasn't drunk any liquor. Elfman then decides to accept the bet under the condition if he wins, Ouarto Cerberus is renamed Ouarto Puppy. Bacchus accepts and takes a drink. He strikes but Elfman changes to a hard scaled creature that won't go down easily. It turns into a test of endurance which ultimately Elfman manages to outlast and win, giving FT their first serious win. Natsu saves the three girls and interrogates the kidnappers who claim Raven Tail was behind it. The group also find out that they were originally after Lucy. Arcadias is reported of this but see it as an opportunity to gain Lucy in the future

Cheers and Jeers: A good fight for Elfman, his part of the bet had me laughing and there was real tension in the fight on who was gonna drop first, a nice strategy of Elfman's by the way focusing more on defense then offense. And go fig the underdog of the team get the first win, but I'm happy for him. We get some more behind the scene plot from the villains which indeed includes Lucy. But why? Hmmm?

Grade: A

Chapter 279: The Gateway Hidden in Darkness

What Went Down: Despite winning, Elfman is badly wounded and hospitalized. Wendy re-takes his place back on the team. Charle is suspicious if Raven Tail really is the culprit due to their kidnappers methods not matching RT's. Mirajane is next facing off against Blue Pegasus's Jenny Realight. The "battle" turns into a swimsuit contest with each one showing off outfits. Inspired by Elfman's battle, Jenny makes a bet with Mira that the loser has to appear naked in Sorcerer's Magazine. Mira accepts but at the battle's climax, asks that the finale be a show of strength which Jenny wasn't ready for. Mira wins much to Jenny's dismay. Behind the scenes we see Arcadias talking with another of the king's court, Datong, about finishing their plan early once they have Lucy.

Cheers and Jeers: Eh fanservice, that really all this was. Makes sense in context of the story sure as Mira and Jenny are old rivals but it felt so unnecessary. Won't say it wasn't funny though but still. Oh well least we get more of the plot at least and that more then one of the king's court is in on the plot. Good on Charle for not falling for the lies that were told to the group. Now let's see if Erza and she can figure out the conspiracy before its too late.

Grade: B-

Chapter 280: Kagura vs Yukino

What Went Down: The final match of the day commences with Mermaid Heel's Kagura vs Sabertooth's Yukino. As soon as the match starts Yuknio suggests a bet with their lives on the line. Kagura, initially not wanting to do the bet, accepts and they fight with Yukino revealing she can summon two spirits too. Kagura breezes right past the attacks forcing Yukino to pull out her 13th spirit, Ophiuchus, a giant snake. But Kagura cuts it down and beats Yukino much to the shock of everyone. Arcadias is overjoyed to find another Stellar Spirit mage while Jellal is worried that the power he was sensing has gone inactive. With this the 2nd day of the games has ended.

Cheers and Jeers: Another chick fight but at least this one was actually a battle. Was just as surprised as anyone that Yukino lost after Sabertooth been having the winning steak from the first few chapters and the fact that there are more strong opponents then the "number one guild". Seriously Kagura really showed off her chops here and she wasn't even being serious. Though many can tell that that she basically Mermaid Heel's version of Erza and their gonna butt heads in the future but I'm not complaining. I actually liked Yukino, unlike her fellow members she was at least decent and well mannered. Was stupid that she made the bet like that though she could've been cowtowed. We'll see where her character goes in the future.

Grade: A

Whew and were done and done with the catch up. Hmm what that? Where Chapter 281? Since its a recent chapter, I've decided to do it separately. So check out for that review soon. Till then, keep your head up ^_^.

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