And we officially hit the Chinese new year and the year of the dragon. What's up all, welcome to another installment of Fairy Tail reviews. Let's go!

Chapter 267: New Guild

Skinny: Wendy and Charla are found but revealed to have been attacked. Elfman officially takes her spot on the team and the opening ceremony of the Grand Magic Games begins. Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale are revealed to have made the final eight along some unseen guilds such as Quatro Cerberus (Goldmine's guild if you remember) and Mermaid Heel, the all female guild (whistles). However the Dark Guild, Raven Tail also makes it, revealing they were responsible for Wendy's state. As you can imagine this kick starts the grudge between two. Two more guilds are said to have made it, one obviously is Sabertooth but whose this new guild?

My Thought: Seriously why do I even bother hoping for suspense with Mashima. No sooner then he introduces it, he takes it back come the next chapter. But I guess Wendy being out of the fight is better then nothing. Least it gives the group some motivation in the games. Otherwise, this was a "meh" chapter. Really nothing much happens, the guilds are introduced as is our villains (for the time being anyway). They make the mistake of pissing of Fairy Tail and setting up their rivalry. Ho-hum.

Best I can comment on is the guilds. Quatro Cerberus look uninteresting, just a bunch of tough guys who will no doubt be taken out in the starters. Mermaid Heel, well they look cute and have some good designs. If they last longer into the quarter finals, I won't mind. Trimans looked as boring as always though not sure what to think of the Trimens' new member in the bunny suit (odd for odd sake I guess). Was surprised to see that Sherry didn't join in with her team, even more so that she had a sister. I'm guessing Shelia the "Wendy" of their bunch but I'm looking forward to seeing what she does. And we get a better look at the Raven Tail guils, indeed looks like an intimidating bunch. Hate to be the guild that gets saddled with them at the start (though if its Fairy Tail that would be an interesting matchup to say the least. I'm thinking Sabertooth is suppose to be the main challenge.)

Overall it was okay chapter, nothing really happened but then again nothing too negative I can think of outside of Wendy just being attacked. Hopefully next week will be more eventful.

Final Grade: C

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