-Sighs- I knew it.

Chapter 296: Natsu vs the Two Dragons

What Went Down: Jellal senses Yukino again as do his fellow crime fighters and takes off to find her. Back at the fight, Sting and Rouge both take Natsu's challenge and attack. However even with Dragon Force activated, Natsu wipes the floor with them. Even a Unison Raid is no match against the Fire Dragon Slayer. A final attack from Natsu puts the two down for good. Natsu wins and FT gets a point ahead of Sabertooth.

Cheers and Jeers:

- Jellal Prologue

More like a cameo to remind us that their still here. No complaints though, seems like Yukino might do a Heel Face Turn later on. But we're still not up to the point where we know what she's up too so..meh

- Natsu vs Sting and Rouge

Mmm...well this was half and half with me. Good out of the way, seeing Sting actually struggling was a great highlight after all that smug demeanor of his. You can actually feel the desperation seeping in as he gets smacked around. The icing on the cake for me was him yelling how his power killed his dragon mentor like he had to remind himself "I'm stronger then this guy, I know it!" only to keep getting waylaid. The Sabertooth members faces likewise was a plus as they watching this.

That said, this was TOO ONE SIDED! Seriously, last chapter Natsu and Gajeel were struggling against Sting and even in that fight they scored some hits. Here Natsu didn't even seemed like he was being pressed hard. Hell Sabertooth's Dragon Slayer don't even score a hit. Where did this come from? I can understand Natsu fighting for his friends and putting his feeling into his power being the stronger force, that's fine and all but I still want him to be challenged. I want the fight to be believable like at the beginning where all four parties were zipping around and duking it out.

And poor Rouge and Gajeel, hardly got much screen time and development and both get put on the wayside like this to give more spotlight to their partners. I can only hope we get a small story afterwards where they meet up later. Cause this was a major disappointment. The brief flashback in the middle told us what we already knew, Lector was a good friend of Sting's etc etc.

- Final Grade: C+

I'm sorry, as much as I wanted FT to win this and Sting to get humiliated. I wanted it to be balanced and a struggle from both parties. Not another curb stomp battle. Focusing on solely Natsu again didn't help matters here because it was suppose to be a tag match and as usual. He gets the glory, just...bleh. I'm only giving it a plus for at least being somewhat entertaining in seeing Sting get smacked around.

I can only hope the final battle against the other members are better then this.


Special Omake: Fairy Woman

What Went Down: Erza, while out clothes shopping, spots a rather absurd superhero style outfit which the owner tells her belonged to a hero a long time ago. Erza, being the oddball clothes collector that she is, takes it and decides to become a hero called "Fairy Woman". She does some good deeds around town (getting a balloon, helping to find a ring, giving an old man a piggyback ride, etc) but feels it's odd from fighting evil. Natsu, Lucy and Happy walk by and notices her face, become more detailed for lack of better words. Angered, she goes right back to the clothing store and beats the owner up for apparently tricking her. Turns out the owner was harboring illegal weapons which Natsu and and the other assumed she knew about all along. However Erza doesn't seem to be turning back to normal.

Cheers and Jeers:

Pfft okay that was, well nuts as usual but a nicely hilarious romp nonetheless. I actully would've like to have seen more of her doing "good deeds" around town. Good thing that was just a balloon in the tree, hate to see what had happened if it was a cat (actully that would've been funnier).

Her face becoming more shadowed and detailed (like a Seinen style manga) had me laughing like a hyena. She actully didn't look too bad like that to be honest.

Final Grade: B

Good on the laughs just wish it was longer so get could've gotten more gags out of it. Oh well.

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