As a wise man once said "BREAK YOURSELF FOOL!"

Chapter 283: Natsu vs Sabertooth

What Went Down: We continue with Natsu's raid on Sabertooth and challenging Jiemma to a fight. After seeing he was serious after taking down a mook, Jiemma accepts and the two trade blows with both on even ground. Just as Natsu goes for the finisher, the fight is interrupted by Minerva who subtlety threatens Happy if Natsu doesn't back down. Natsu complies though tells the guild they better start looking after their own.

Cheers and Jeers: Huh didn't think that this would last a whole chapter. Alot of this was mostly the fight between Natsu and Jiemma, normally I'm not a fan of these but in this case it was pretty well done. I was actually quite surprised that Natsu could hold his own against Jiemma. Granted I liked that Jiemma barely flinched at most of Natsu's impacts (though it was kinda hard to tell with the rapid fire hits) and was even fighting him one handed. Shows that though he may be a jerkass, he's not Sabertooth's leader for nothing. Still though I would've liked to see Jiemma attack a bit more and show off some of his strength.

Minerva's entrance wasn't surprising considering how recently she was mentioned. Cute design on her though but one can tell from her expressions she just as cocky as the rest of them (considering she mentioned Jiemma as a father that's not surprising). Not exactly sure what her magic is (from the looks of it, teleporation) but of course can't give everything away about her too soon. Curious to see who fights her though.

So yeah at the end, all of this came down to sending a message about treating their guild members with more respect. Jiemma's dialogue does seem to show he thinks of his guild as more of a military then a gathering of people. Rouge still seems to have second thoughts on what a guild truly means and Sting...hard to tell if he's excited or further sliding down that slippery slope, but yeah a fight between Natsu and him is in the cards.

Overall not a bad chap, a bit of a stall in the story and the fight could've been better but it set up the next section of the tourney nicely. More then likely this incident is gonna make the situation between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth more serious given Natsu's declaration. How does this tie in with the rivalry with Raven Tail, I have no clue. Either way things are gonna get much more heated and I love it.

Final Grade: B+

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