Welp it was a nice winning streak while it lasted,

Fairy Flush Reviews: MPF

What Went Down: So with all the monsters of Pandemonium gone and the other contestants still needing points. The games' council hastily put together a simple game called MPF (Magic Point Finder) in which each person will strike a magic orb and get a power reading from it. The higher the reading the higher the rank. Millianna manages to get the lead early while Novally, Hibiki and Obra get weak scores (though the latter is obviously holding back). Orga takes the lead which is quickly surpassed by Jura. Finally Cana goes next and uses Fairy Glitter (which is on loan from Mavis once again) to completely obliterate the orb. Scoring her team a 10 as well. While the fairies celebrate, Raven Tail prepare to make their move.

My thoughts: Sheesh NOW Mashima gives us the competition portion. Makes the last chapter look even more useless now. But seriously this was a good chapter, I like the simple approach here with the power meter game, Pretty much like those punching games where it gauges your strength.

Not really much happens here so I'll go over some details. Not surprised Millianna is strong as she is, its been seven years so of course she'd be a bit stronger. Curious to what her members meant by strength not being her main magic. Hmm. Obra holding back is likewise a hold off until his fight with the fairies. He seem to be channeling Hades with his demon powers though but he might have a different approach to it. Nothing really to say about Orga, we've seen his power in action before, though seeing Laxus getting fired up over this is certainly intriguing (And in response to Ian's review, Laxus hasn't been wimpy as of late, he's just has more self control now. Doesn't mean he's not badass). Let's hope next chapter he'll overcome the odd for a chance to fight him (hint: look at the title of the T.B.C).

So Cana has Fairy Glitter again and we finally see what it can really do in action when not being deflected by a super strong mage (and yes I'd totally believe Mavis would loan it to her again. Guess that explains why Cana replaces Jellal). Certainly something but I'm not liking the looks on Ivan's face when he see it. And Matt's face is also speaking volumes, is he on Aracdias's payroll or...

Oh Cana why'd you have to go on and boast like that? That's always the trigger for something bad to happen (you know, "pride before fall", getting overconfident, etc etc). And with Alexei in action up next and Raven Tail getting serious now, this can't be good. We'll see what they have planned, next time. Till then, good chap.

Grade: B

P.S: Oh god, here come the Cana/Hibiki shippers =P.

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