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Chapter 271: Lucy vs Flare

Skinny: The next competition is a simple one and one match between Lucy and Flare. Surprisingly Lucy manages to hold her own against Flare, showing she can use two spirits at once for some rather devastating combos. Even using her whip against Flare's hair attacks. However Flare decides to play dirty by targeting Azca, warning Lucy to stay still or she'll attack her. Meanwhile knight of Fiore watching the match mutters Zeref name.

My Thoughts: Well congrats Lucy. You made me have my doubt when you were but into the spotlight but damn, what a showing. She used her spirits smartly and even made great use of her whip. Quickly pushing Flare into a corner. Not to say that Flare wasn't a bad fighter either, the second hair fighter in the series (Vidaldus being the first course his was based around soping up liquid). Nothing we haven't seen before but she does prove to be a formidable and as typical of a villain, she has to resort to dirty means to gain the advantage. Not just targeting the other FT members, no she goes for the youngest. Talk about cold but hey even if she does win this, she'll have to rematch sooner or later. So if the outcome is what I think it is (judging by the title of the next chapter) then let Flare have her fun. It'll only make the next bout all the sweeter.

And of course the ending with Aracadus, a knight of Fiore and yet he mentions Zeref. Is he on his side or does he know something that hasn't been revealed yet. Ah the intrigue.

Overall, another nice fight chapter. Lucy certainty has upped her game so she not such a load anymore and to see her stand on her own for a while without the help of others. Pleasantly surprising, now let's see how she gonna get out of this one.

Grade: A

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