Hey-o, another week has come and gone. The Giants are the NFL champs (meh) and we have a new FT chapter to review. Ready, set, BE OPINIONATED!

Chapter 270: In A Night of Falling Stars

Skinny: The Hidden game continues, the combatants are getting more heated. But Gray can't even get a point in with Raven Tail's Nupting constantly dogging him. During some one on one time with Juvia, we learn that Marakov convinced the B-Team to join in under the condition that if they won, the other team had to do whatever they said. Naturally Juvia in it for Gray while the rest have...other uses for the team (=P). Needless to say Gray not pleased to hear this. The match continues until Rufus, who was watching everything from the tallest building, unleashes some creation magic that virtually hits everyone on the field (save for Nulpting initially but that changes when he tries to get in close). The event soon comes to an end with Sabertooth still on top and only the Fairy Tail B team having scored a point for their guild while A is still in last place. Gray finds himself humiliated both from the defeat and the jeers from the audience. However this only strengthens his resolve to take down his opponents. The next battle starts right away with Lucy being called in, who already seems to have a rival in Raven Tail's sole female member, Flare Corona.

My Thoughts: Now we're talking! We finally get a full on action chapter and its a dozy. Plenty of laughs (especially the image spots of the B-Team during Marakov's conversation. Gajeel's and Mirajane's made me chuckle the most) and more tension as the battle continues. Poor Gray though, the guy was practically cannon fodder. Not everyone got a pot shot off of him but to be beaten down by both their main rivals can't be good for the ego, especially when he couldn't even attack back. Ouch, needless to say I was really feeling for him at the end of the chapter, the panel of his lowered hear as he passes Natsu whose shouting at the audience really adding to the effect. I look forward to his rematch against Nulpting and/or Rufus. Speaking of the latter, the question of whether he's a cocky bastard or not is met with a affirmed "yes". Being in the tallest area, not taking his opponents seriously, even calling the game boring. But with that kind of power to create copies, analyze things through heartbeats (little bit of Cobra there) and practically beam spam, its more then justified. Needless to say the future fight against him won't be easy.

Overall great chapter, granted I didn't expect the first event to go over smoothly for our heroes. Was disappointed that we didn't get the ice vs water vs ice battle though (stupid Nulpting) but the rest of the chapter move then made up for it. Next up, Lucy vs Flare. Oh this won't be pretty. ^^;;

Grade: A

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