Time to mix and match kiddies.

Chapter 308: Fairy Tail vs Executioners

What Went Down:

Picking up from the last chapter, the Rescue Team find themselves against the Wolves Groups. The latter attacks them and the group can just barely hold them off. A three way attack by Natsu, Pantherlily and Mira to negate a plant attack ends with everyone separated. Natsu, Pantherlily, Mira, and Wendy finds themselves one on one against a member of the Wolves (against the leader, the strongman, the paper woman and the plant girl respectively). Lucy, Yukino, Happy, Carla and Arcadios end up together but find themselves against the fisherman executioner.

- Important Things of Note

  • Rescue Team in one on one battles.

- My Thoughts:

Just a setup chapter to the the one on one matches. Nothing more to it then that.

Well okay, we get to see the Wolves members in action or more specifically the flower and paper girl name Cosmos and Kamikia respectively (provided the translators didn't mess up the names). Cosmos power certainly comes off as pretty terrifying with her penchant for man-eating monster and talk of how they'll eat their victims. Poor Wendy had to be the one to draw her in the fight card, yeesh.

Other then that, still not feeling the threat of the others though. Kamikia power just seems to respond to whatever thrown her way and I doubt Mira gonna have much trouble with her (then again Mashima could surprise me). Strongman power seems to revolve around water it looks like but I have a feeling it just gonna end in a slugfest with Pantherlily. And the leader still hasn't done anything so we can't gauge him just yet.

Okay so I was wrong, Uosuke power isn't wind but...then again I don't know what his is. Fishing magic I guess? Guy's a pretty funny character though with how his expression just never changes and getting mocked by Natsu, Lucy and Yukino. But of course, as a Shonen rule, the silly looking ones do prove the most difficult. And with Lucy and Yukino without their magic, it's certainly going to be an interesting if not tough fight for them. Hmm.

And alright Mashima, enough with the pounty princess. She feels guilty about something, move on with her story role already.

-Final Grade: B

A few jokes, a display of powers and a fight match up for the Rescue Team to keep them busy as the tourney goes on. It's not bad but just feels too manufactured with how they're paired up especially with the weaker set being stuck together. Still I like to see how Mashima going to switch between these fights and the tournament's too.

I also came up with another theory about the mysterious girl. Maybe Hisui is her and just inserted herself into the castle to prevent whatever tragedy is going to happen. She mentioned Arcadios by name and something about a "backfire. Maybe her thinking the Rescue Team for thieves was her mistaking them for someone else? Perhaps...Raven Tail? Whatca think?

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