Oooh cuteness and brains, a killer combination.

Chapter 305: Fairy Tactician

- What Went Down:

Team Fairy Tail goes on on the move, Rufus attacks instantly but thanks to Mavis the team dodge (or in Laxus case block) his attack easily. With Mavis guiding them the team take out more of the small fries, taking the top spot once more though Mavis worries how to handle Jura. Back in the castle, the rescue team manage to reach Lucy and Yukino but just as they're about the leave. The floor drops out from beneath them and drops them into what is called "Hell's Palace" a place said that no criminal can escape from. We find that the princess was the cause of this having anticipated their rescue but for some reason calling them "thieves". Back at the game, Gray has managed to locate Rufus and begins his battle against him.

- Important Things of Note

  • Mavis was FT's former tactician
  • Team Fairy Tail on top of the leaderboard with Sabertooth and Lamia Scale.
  • Rescue Team captured and mistaken for thieves
  • Gray finds and prepares to battle Rufus.

- Cheers and Jeers

Ah well despite the sudden random swerve last chapter, we look to be back on track here. Mavis pretty much stole the show , directing the team and handing out strategies. -Whistles- Just proves she not just a pretty face, girl has brains too. Though I do like the fact she not completely infallible i.e her admitting on how to handle Jura. Gives a nice bit of vulnerability methinks. After all even if you come up with a good gameplan, don't mean squat if the enemy can take you out before you can even get close. Gotta say, with what Marakov's mention of her, I'm kinda curious of Mavis's past life now. I get the feeling we've been building up to it really.

Not much to say on Team Fairy Tail since we only get quick cuts of them, though it was badass seeing Laxus take the lighting attack like a champ and funny seeing Jenny's and Hibiki's reactions as they got pwned. As for the rescue team, yeah I had a feeling something like that was gonna happen, they got in way too easily and the tourney not even halfway done. From the looks of "Hell's Palace" it looks like something out of a Rancor pit from Star Wars, so I guess the team gonna fight a monster next chapter. Gives them something to do then waiting around at least.

The princess mentioned the group as thieves, so I'm assuming she's talking about the keys (the trapdoor activated when Lucy mention them). So I'm guessing Arcadios or someone else (likely the latter as Arcadios was pretty persistent on having Yukino and Lucy for his plan) lied to her about this, the look on Hisui's face also points to this indication too. Heck how did she even know they would be down there? It still feels a little stilted suddenly just throwing her into the story without warning like this but it does give a good sense of mystery to this half of the plot. Only question is how long can Mashima go before spilling the beans.

Gray vs Rufus, well we saw it coming and now we finally reach their battle. To say I can't wait is an understatement.

- Final Grade: A

We got some good progression, some character development for Mavis, a nice bit of mystery and a battle build up that's been a long time coming since the start of arc. Can't really fault this chapter for anything, wasn't anything spectacular but wasn't bad either. Next week though, ice and memory make are gonna throw down. Yosha!

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