Yup time for a manga...whatever.

Chapter 298: Exciting Ryuuzetsu Land.

What Went Down: The following takes place after the third day of the games.

The FT crew decide to head to a local pool called Ryuuzetsu Land to do some relaxing (while the mysterious girl from the last chapter makes a cameo). The place is essentially a giant indoor water park. Lots of shenanigans ensure as well as fanservice (no surprise there). The only things of note is that we see Lucy runs into Flare who was released after some questioning, she apologizes for her actions. The whole issue ends with Gray and Lyon accidentally freezing the whole place after they were knocked into a water slide. Natsu tries to thaw the place out with his fire...but overdoes it and ends up destroying the pool. Earning him a beatdown and Marakov the bill for the damages.

Cheers and Jeers: I'll forgo my usual review style for this one cause well, the whole chapter is basically one big gag episode and the narrative is all over the place. However I gotta admit, I loved it. Everyone got a spotlight here and a good majority of the chapter made me laugh. Some of the highlights being:

  • Cana coming in her lingerie
  • Elfman and Evergreen hiding from the other Faeries out of embarrassment but still seen by Freed and Bickslow.
  • Pretty much anything to do with Gray, Juvia and Lyon.
  • Mira pantsing Jenny for trying to get revenge from their battle (even though that was her own fault in the first place for making that bet. Nice...buttocks by the way =P)
  • Erza complaining to the Trimens for their flirting, not even able to give Ichiya a reason.
  • And Jellal still coming in his Mystogan disguise and later grabbing Erza's boobs by accident. Only he could do that and get away with it XD.

I'm starting to agree with you guys about the time travel theory here when it comes to the mysterious girl. If she knew where FT was staying chances are she knows what's to come. But who it is, that still eludes me, maybe an elder Lucy perhaps? Proabaly the reason why Jellal can sense her is because of the evil residue from the future. Maybe?

Flare showing up in the middle was certainly surprising, not so much her apologizing cause let's face it, if its a pretty face in this series and they're sorta evil but have a good reason (or at least being abused by their boss) chances are they're gonna turn over a new leaf. Still tis certainly intriguing that she would seek out Lucy in the middle of the place. Also brings up what happened to the rest of the Raven Tail memebers too if she managed to get out.

The ending was pretty predictable but still got a chuckle out of me as it wouldn't be Fairy Tail without property damage of course.

Really the only complaints I can give was of course the fact that it was pretty much an excuse to do fanserivce. But hey it's to be expected with Mashima. Though I didn't need to see Ichiya naked (shudders)

-Final Grade: A

Despite the fanservice, the fun of the chapter shined through and honestly made me laugh. Getting the mysterious girl and Flare in the chapter was also a plus as well. So once more kudos to Mashima on writing a very humorous romp.

Looks like next weak will be a bit more serious before we head back to the main plot. Looking forward to it.

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