Sup all, tis time for another weekly review of Fairy Tail. Lemme just get my coffee here and let's go -Takes a sip-

Chapter 268: Elite B Team

Skinny: The last two teams reveal themselves. One is, as predicted, Sabertooth while the other is...Fairy Tail? Yes seems there another team of Fairy Tail member consisting of Gajeel, Mirajane, Juvia, Luxas and..Mystogan?! Oh wait its actully Jellal in disguise. Despite some protest from the announcers, its allowed (cause hey they let a Dark Guild in, why not) and the games get underway with an explanation of the rules and the first event, a Hidden battle in which Gray starts off for his team, Juvia for hers and Lyon for his among those notable participating in the first battle.

My thought: -spits out coffee- What the heck?! No seriously that...really came out of nowhere. Granted I know the other members were training but I didn't really expect them to have a secondary team join in. It feels kinda cheap really and probably won't do well for FT's reputation (they're technically cheating here) but at the same time I did complain that most of the other members weren't used. This somewhat makes up for it after the fiasco at Tenrou where Miria and Laxus barely did anything, though I still want some of the other unused members to get the spotlight sometime in the future.

But moving on from that, Jellel as Mystogan was an interesting move. Though where did he even hear about him? Did he and Mystogan meet at some point before he returned to Edolas cause that the only explanation why he would take his disguise. Oh yeah and real subtle foreshadowing from Mavis there =P. Other then that we get the rest of Sabertooth. The other three members look like a decent bunch and I'm liking their design, though if they share Sting and Rouge's cockiness, we'll see as that Scarlet Pumpernickel-ish member, Rufus, takes the first game for them. Other then that, we find the tourney is fight based just with special gimmicks to them. Ho-hum. But a Gray vs Lyon rematch I'm all for, let see how Lyon fares now that he's using two handed molding.

Overall this was a good chapter, unlike last weeks the story moved forward and we got some surprises from it. A little annoyed that this is how Mashima puts in the other members of FT but not saying I'm not intrigued by it. Let the first battle begin!

Grade: B

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