Hey all, since I missed last weeks chapter. This week will be a twofer. Woots, let's go!

Chapter 257: Father's Seven Years

Gist of it: Lucy visits her parents graves, is sad, deus ex machina in the form of father's presents which not only shows he loves her but she gets her house back. Lucy happy again. Oh and Marakov, Mirajane and Erza beat up Twilight Ogre.

Thoughts: A meh chapter, no real weight or emotions and everything was solved so quickly before you really could care. I did like the Twilight Ogre beatdown but I was hoping we'd get more conflict from them. Instead they pretty just walk in and kick ass. Y'know something the other guildmates could've did all this time. But no they had to wait for some of the main characters to do it for them. Oy. And hooray for Lucy that her father loves her and her house problem resolved itself. Wonder what else the heroes don't have to work for next, hmm?

I'm sorry if I sound bitter but I just really hate how neat and tidy this fixed everything. I'm glad Lucy found resolution with her father and Twilight Ogre got theres but there was just no tension to it at all leading to a rather boring chapter. Disappointing to say the least.

Grade: D

Chapter 258: Sabertooth

Gist of it: Two new Dragon Slayers are introduced as well as the next potential antagonists. Marakov names Gildarts the next Guild Master and things are about to start popping.

Thoughts: Better, a nice set up and indeed the whole "next successor of Fairy Tail" threw me for a loop. So much for Macao keeping the title (way to be an Indian giver, Marakov). I would comment on the "true nature of Fairy Tail" if we actually got to see it. But if it can shock Gildarts then I guess we got our answer there. The new Dragon Slayers were certainly something and has me intrigued especially hearing they were fans of Natsu and Gajeel. I'm already sensing some cockiness in Sting but he does seem good natured. Likewise with his Exceed partner, Lector. Rogue didn't get to do much cept be indifferent so were gonna have to wait on him. His Exceed, Frosh, is rather cute though (btw I think thats suppose to be a female. Unless that cutie spots and eyelashes are part of the frog motif). Obviously they're meant to be part of this five man team Romeo was talking about, so I guess next chapter will cover that.

Overall not a bad chapter if only for the intrigue.

Grade: B

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