Happy Holidays All! Hope your holidays are going swell and that you get whatever you were pining for. Here's a extra present for ya, a review of the latest chapter. Ho ho ho!

Chapter 264: Only Enough Time To Pass By

Skinny: Team Natsu undergoes the painful procedure while Erza and Jellal confront sexual between talking =P.

My Thoughts: I actually came into this chapter preparing to hate it but surprisingly Hiro managed to make a rather cute and well paced chapter. It probably helped that Erza and Jellal were the main focus and didn't have to share too much spotlight time with the others. The dialogue was somewhat cliched (the usual "Stop being down on yourself, you should live!" deal) but it didn't come off at cheesy and considering the history of these two character, it fits. Heck even the scenes where they roll around in the sand was handled nicely. Course typically Jellal still too guilt-ridden to hook up with Erza (plus you know, he's a fugitive) and I'm with Meredy and Ultear, he really could've gave Erza a better excuse. But then again, we got a few laughs out of it. Which speaking of, this chapter had some great chuckle worthy ones (oh Happy, when we you ever learn =P).

Considering I'm a fan of Hiro's last major work, Rave Master (Or RAVE, whatever it goes by) looking back at it I must admit, these little scenes are Mashima's strong points and it really harkens back to the quiet moments with Haru and Elle. Fairy Tail has a much more extended cast so little love moments like this happen few and far in between focusing on all the characters. So its nice to see Mashima hasn't lost his touch with this. Gold star, dude!

Final Grade: A+

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