-Playing his new PS3- GAH stupid Uncharted 2 and their boozuka men. Ugh I need a break. Oooh new Fairy Tail chapter.

Chapter 263: Crime Sorciere

Skinny: Lamia Scale, Raven Tail, Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus gear up for the competition. While Team Natsu mopes over losing their three months of training. But whats this? Gearld, Ultear and Meredy are back and they have their own guild. Oh wait its unoffical since they're pretty much vigilantes but they wish to help the heroes by giving them a Deus Ex Mac...I mean a powerup to help increase their magic in exchange for trying to find some dark magic at the tournament. Needless to say, they accept.

My Thoughts: Well sheesh so much for the suspense of what happened to those three. Once again Mashima can't seem to hold a secret longer then a few chapters. Still I like the idea of the three joining up with each other and forming sorta underground force. Tis interesting and will make for some nice drama down the line (I hope). Also loving Meredy and Ultear's new looks though Gerald..uh..did Ultear rewind time for him or something. He doesn't look like he's aged a day. Also loved the interaction between the group especially Natsu little "I don't get it" during Ultear's explanation. A part of me is surprised that they would be so quick to trust Ultear and Meredy since they did try to kill them last they saw them (Gray and Juvia's reaction are one thing but the rest of the group?). But eh FT been known to Forgive and Forget if former enemies are repentant so who I'm I to judge.

While I like seeing Raven Tail in its fullest, their introduction is so slapdash. We get no buildup or nothing its just "Bahaha here we are, now let's go fight Fairy Tail". Even Rouge and Sting had more fanfare in their introduction, we don't even know most of this members aside Iwan. It would've been been better to wait till the tournament before their introduced in the fullest. The whole explanation on the secondary power up seems like a cool idea though I couldn't help think of "Link Heart Containers" and similar video game power up to increase one's energy. Then again Mashima has been know to be a avid video gamer. Meh.

Lastly the whole dark energy in the tournament thing. Well I suppose that'll be the main villain of this arc provided Raven Tail isn't planning anything. Still a bit vauge now but should liven things up once the tourney is underway.

Overall, okay chapter. Its has some nice revelations but the whole re-introduction, mis-handling of Raven Tail's intro and convenience of the powerup just doesn't sit well with me. Though at the least were once step closer to the tourney. So I guess I can't fault that.

Grade: C

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