Another early chapter release. Another chapter for the criticism feast. Ho-ha!

Chapter 262: Song For the Stars

Skinny: The group's third day of training is interrupted by a trip to the Celestial Spirit world. Party commences, hijinks ensure everyone has a good time...cept for the slight fact that three months passed in the real world and now they only got five days till the tourney. Ouch.

My Thoughts: Another breather chapter and a rather unexpected one. I guess this was just to let us know the Celestial Spirits were alright and give em a little screen time (seriously it feels like forever since we last saw some of these guys). It also nice seeing some of the other spirits as well and the interaction between them and the heroes (Juvia and Aquarius getting along really had me laughing but of course it makes sense, water users after all).

There's not really much to comment on as the chapter goes by so quickly. Its a nice little romp I suppose and Lucy little breakdown as we get an overview of her past was rather sweet and much better handle then her overcoming her father's death. The ending with them having virtually no time to power up was funny and makes for some nice tension come the tournament. Its also a clever way of pushing the plot onward without the usual training chaps (so much for looking in on the other characters though =( ). Though this does make the entire point of training a bit pointless but eh. It doesn't annoy me too much. if anything it feels more interesting now.

Crime Sorcerer next time eh? Magic council related perhaps?

Grade: B

P.S: Oh Wakaba has a daughter and a rebellious one at that? Oooh I kinda wanna see how that pans out. Please Mashima?

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