Heh loving the early chapter release so far. Much better then waiting all the weekend for them. Kick to review mode.

Chapter 260: Now We're Aiming For The Top

Gist of It: Wha? Porlyusica is not Grandeeney, but her Edolas counterpart! Shock of all shock, but even moreso when its revealed she does know the real dragon who gave her notes to give to Wendy. So yeah at least Wendy gets some new moves but the others are still stuck. They head back and hear of a tournament that'll raise Fairy Tail back to number one if they win (oh and a prize money too which Marakov clearly isn't interested in). Needless to say Natsu gets pumped and convinces the guild to join in. Tournament arc here we come.

My Thoughts: After the disappointing chapter last week, at least this one does a good job of setting up the next story arc. Gotta admit, Mashima did throw a nice curveball with the reveal of Porlyusica. That really didn't cross my mind and Grandeeney was said to love humans so of course her attitude makes sense (especially if she had came over to Earthland during Faust's rule. Then yeah I wouldn't blame her for thinking like that). Okay Mashima I'll give you that one. Bravo. Also like how he worked in Wendy only getting the new stuff making sense too since well Porlyusica and Grandeeney are practically the same person. Poo for the others but it wouldn't be interesting if they all got power ups right off the bat neh?

That said, the tourney arc. A pretty usual stable of manga but I guess a good idea here since it'll bring back some familar faces, introduce some new ones and allow the characters to bust out some new moves. So yeah in all honesty I'm looking forward to this.

All and all, a good chapter. So two to one, what to do you think next chapter will be? A training bit or a flash forward to the tourney?

Grade: B

P.S: Gah I didn't notice Asuka there in the last chapter. Indeed a real cutie pie. She was also in this one voting with the others to join the tourney. Hehe looking forward to seeing more of her.

Asuka Smiles

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