Whoa well this is a first, an early chapter release. Not complaining though I wish the scanlation group bothered to translate the title. Made it difficult to do the summaries. In any case, review time.

Chapter 259: Porlyusica

Gist of It: Natsu trains and can barely keep up in a fight since everyone is seven years stronger. He and most of Team Natsu (san Ezra) realize they need to level up quickly and go to Porlyusica for a "short cut". Of course being a grumpy old woman she chases them off. But what this? Wendy feels that she familiar to Grandeeney? (DOM). Also Gildarts turns down the leadership position, Laxus gets to come back and Marakov is the leader again. Ah the joys of Status Quo.

My Thoughts: Eh I'm half and half on this one. I'm glad that Natsu isn't as strong as most of the members since he was getting batted around, proving my prediction right that this sorta "resets the balance" a bit. Was surprised that he got to keep the Lighting Dragon mode though, but also glad that at the moment its a "last resort" move since its a mana drainer. So that should prove interesting. I also liked how Charle pointed out how they could've dealt with Twilight Orge any time they wanted but choose the more non-violent approach. Yeah nice thinking guys, nearly got Romeo killed over it, smart. XP

Wasn't expecting the trip to Porlyusica though considering she looks the same as she did before, it obvious she not human even before Wendy's little discovery. In truth I kinda expected she would be a dragon though as Grandeeney, not as much but I'm all that surprised by it since it kinda make sense. Still it should be interesting how this develops, considering Mashima doesn't do it half-assed.

Which speaking of, what the hell is with Gildarts turning down the position. All that build up and it gets dunked because hes a lazy bastard. There nothing to suggest that he wouldn't be a fit leader, he not like Jiraya from Naruto (well not completely anyway). Hes proven he can be a competent person. So really what was the reason for that, just...why? Ugh I don't know, that just annoyed the hell out of me. Even more so when Marakov got his position back. So hooray no changes or anything, everything is as it should be. What a load of crock. Seriously Mashima, why are you so afraid of change? I don't care if you kill off a character, just mix it up a bit. It really undermines the whole concept of a timeskip.

Okay its not all bad. I'm glad Laxus got to come back and curious how he'll fit back into the guild life. Overall its an "okay" chapter. Some good things but alot I didn't agree with and really nothing much happened in this chapter either. You gotta do better Mashima, you gotta do better.

Grade: C.

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