Chapter 294: Battle of the Dragon Slayers

What Went Down: The final tag team match between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth begins. Natsu and Gajeel waste no time in getting to business and laying the beatdown on Sting and Rouge. The latter two eventually start busting out some big moves and gain ground. But even this isn't enough to put FT's Dragon Slayers down. Backs against the wall, Sting and Rouge unleash the Dragon Force to the amazement of the crowd.

Cheers and Jeers:

- Awe and some! really what can I say. It was paced nicely and both sides were evenly matched. Just the kind of thing I love in fights like this. Though seeing Sting and Rouge (and ESPECIALLY Sting) getting thrashed right off the bat was a great plus. As well as the fact the that Sting and Gajeel's initial ultimate moves do nothing against the two (I was actually surprised Natsu burned away Sting's mark like that. Clever).

Okay sure the build up that these two Dragon Slayers are suppose to be the strongest is a bit sketchy. But keep in mind we've never seen either side fight in the tourney up to this point. And most we know is that Natsu and Gajeel have experience in fighting and they were training (well Gajeel was at least). At best Sting and Rouge just one shoted people rather then take on any decent challenge (keep in mind that's pretty much all Sabertooth's been doing in this arc). So it'd make sense Sabertooth's Dragon Slayers would take a few lumps from the get go. Pissing off FT in the previous game probably didn't help matters.

Of course I knew it was too early to celebrate just yet considering the Wendy/Chelia match. But its nice to see Dragon Force taking the stage again and that there is a way to activate it without any special requirement as Natsu has done in past fight. Certainly makes things interesting for Natsu and Gajeel.

So big jerkass Sting does have a reason to fight after all. So...exactly why does he sneer at people's bond so much then. Well we're gonna get that reason next week. Kinda annoying that this prick has a Freudian excuse. Then again the cocky ones always do.

More or less, this is just "new vs old" thing going on here. I really doubt it matter what generation has the Dragon Slayer powers. At the end of the day, it was meant to slay dragons. So let's see if Natsu and Gajeel can prove this.

- Final Grade: A+

I asked Mashima to make it count and he did not disappoint. This was a great battle chapter and a major step up from...whatever that was last week. Looking forward to seeing how the next part of the battle plays out. Keep it up, Mashima!

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