As Dante from MvC3 would say: keeping it stylish.

Chapter 274l: Bad Omen

Skinny: Jellal in his Mystogan disguise faces off against Jura in the final match up of the first day of the games. Both mages put up an impressive showing against each other. However Jellal finds himself slowly being backed into a corner as he struggles to fight and keep his guise. Eventually he says "hell with it" and is about to unleash his most powerful move. But Ultear, watching this on a crystal ball with Meredy, stops him via the sensory link, chili peppers and tickling. This causes Jellal to lose resulting in Fairy Tail coming out of the first day with only one point. However darker things are on the horizon as Charla gets a frightening vision.

My Thoughts: Mm well this was...something. Not to say it was a bad chapter but not exactly the ending to it I was hoping for. Let's get the good out of the way now, the fight was awesome! Jura and Jellal came out swinging and kept upping the ante. We got deflections, counters, quick thinking, nice use of the environment, the whole nine yards. It felt so fast paced and full of tension. The fact that both of these are good guys also contributed since we're not rooting for anyone specific here making it much more enjoyable. It's nice to see Jellal hasn't lost a step as he busted out a few new spells along with some familiar ones. Likewise with Jura, it great to finally see him go all out against an opponent who can fight back.

But sadly everything had to come to a screeching halt with the ending. Okay I understand Ultear did it to keep Jellal from blowing his cover and admittedly I chuckled at it. But it such a sorry way to end the battle just when it was getting good and was just a mood killer overall. It was one thing when Raven Tail did it to Lucy, that was cheating and it came from nowhere. Here, theres no excuse, if Ultear had to stop him she could've at least knocked out Meredy or bind her to let Jura win the fight. You know something a bit more dignified. But no, go the silly route and not only make Jellal look like a complete loon but also damage more of Fairy Tail's credibility. Nice one =P.

At the very least the chapter ends on a ominous note with Charla having yet another bad vision and the note from Levy to Lucy. And I suppose having FT still be the underdogs after such a rough start is not bad either in the overall design so far. I just really wish the ending to the fight could've been better but whatever. Still more tourney to go, so hopefully later fights will go more smoothly.

Grade: B-

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