And the sh*t has officially hit the fan.

Chapter 292: All Feelings Unite

What Went Down: Natsu and Gray rush to Lucy's aid. Natsu nearly attacks Minerva but Sabertooth surround her and Erza holds him back. Erza tells them they just made a big mistake in pissing Fairy Tail off. Lucy is treated and apologizes for her loss but the other tell her not to worry about it. Marakov informs everyone that they have to merge into a single team due to the expulsion of Raven Tail. Even worse the guild has to go with Fairy Tail's A point total (35) putting them in a tie for third place with Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel. The team reorganizes with Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel and Laxus as their main competitors as the game move into the tag battles with the group up against Sabertooth. Meanwhile Arcadias starts plotting for his Eclipse plan and we get a murial of a dragon fighting a dragon slayer and learn that the games were once called the "Dragon King's Festival".

Cheers and Jeers:

- It's Personal

Sheesh Minerva you wanna drive the stake in any further? Bad enough she wins in the cruelest manner possible but can't even be sportsman like about it. Whatever, pride before fall they say. I loved the stand off scene and the reactions from Frosh and Lector, even they looked shocked that Minerva would take it this far.

Erza pretty much says what we're all thinking, Sabertooth done messed up big time and they will most certainly regret it after such a declaration.

- Team Merge

Huh gotta admit I had a feeling this would happen sooner or later. Just not so sudden but I got no complaints. They even gave a good reason as since there was no Raven Tail, they couldn't match up the fighters properly. Pity though that means that the penalty bets are off, unless the FT B are gonna hold them to it at the end of this, heh.

I am curious about using FT A points rather then just combining them. Would that be too unfair or is this really a behind the scene thing with someone rigging the contest. Considering the info we got earlier that FT never gone to the games when a specific event that would help them with their status. It would definently seem that way but not much in the way of clues at the moment to be pointing fingers.

Daww Lucy look so cute hugging her keys like that. And she seemed to take her 2nd loss surprising well. Eh well que sara sara.

- New Fairy Tail Team and King of Festivals

Great build up here as the new Fairy Tail takes the stage and get he cheers, with a nice lampshade on their status from day one to this point. Not surprised about the selections here. Pretty much the majority of FT's heavy hitters. Shame it wasn't six members, would love to have Mirajane on the team but least Laxus is getting to throwdown with the main heroes this time. So going off the panels, Its Natus vs Sting. Gajeel against Rouge. Gray against Rufus, Erza fighting Minerva and Laxus taking Orga. Five on five of the strongest. This should be good.

And of course we leave on a cryptic note. Looks like the priest guy is getting cold feet about this whole plan. I don't blame him, Arcadias seems to be getting more crazier with each moment we see him. I also wonder if this really is what Zeref wants after the seven years or just another crazy person deluded by his teachings.

Lastly the whole Dragon King's Festival really speaks volumes on whats gonna be coming. But its safe to say Acnologia gonna be making a return appearance very soon. I'm especially wary of the "feast" in the priest's last sentence as well.

FInal Grade: A

It was well paced and set up the showdown between Fairy Tail and Sabertooth nicely. Least now we can track only one FT team though disappointed that there weren't that many battles between the A and B teams but eh.

So we begin the tag match with the other teams going first. Looks like Bunny Guy from Blue Pegesus will be making his debut. Hope his power is worth the wait. Till next week.

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