Well...that was pointless.

Chapter 299: A Solitary Journey

What Went Down: The following takes place before and during the third day of the games. And the chapter has no dialogue

We find Gildarts on his usual travels. He saves a girl from a bunch of monsters but she runs off without thanking him. He soon reaches a village where the girl just happens to live who rectifies her mistake. The village is being plagued by a giant monster. Gildarts volunteers to defeat it, he does and brings back the horn as a trophy. The village has a party for him before tuning into the games. He sees Cana taking her turn in MPF and gets overly excited, trips and unwittingly uses his powers, cracking the ground around the village. Gildarts is promptly thrown out but isn't phased as he celebrates Cana's and Fairy Tail's victory.

Cheers and Jeers:

Meh, really that all this chapter felt to me. It was nice seeing what Gildarts was up to and all and there were some chuckle worthy moments (exactly what did that girl whisper into his ear)?. Plus I liked that grin he had on his face before dealing the smackdown to the monster. The choice to do it dialogue free was also a nice touch and it's good to know Mashima not above doing this sort of thing.

But the chapter itself was pretty average, it just a standard "hero goes into a troubled village and solves it's monster problem" story we've probably seen before a dozen times. It doesn't even tie in to the current story, the last chapter at least made some progression by including Flare. The most this does is just show that where Gildarts is and that he's a sucker for a pretty face. Plus re-establishing that yeah he's still plenty strong (which if you've been following the Key of the Starry Sky arc, needs no re-explanation). Oh yeah, and a major annoyance when it comes to his daughter, sheesh maybe it would've been better if this was still a secret. The overly doting really took some of the badass out of him. I don't mind if he loves his daughter, just don't show it so enthusiastically.

- Final Grade: C

A good look in on Gildarts and I didn't mind the lack of dialogue. But the chapter is your usual run of the mill "save the village" story and doesn't do anything new or add to the current story. You can really tell Mashima was phoning it in here. Thankfully next week we're back to the main plot and a milestone celebration as we reach chapter 300! Woots!

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