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Fairy Flush Reviews: A Magical War Game

What Went Down: As the rescue team think of a way to sneak in, the final game is explained, the teams will do a battle royale around the city gaining points for each downed member, 5 points for taking out the leader (though the teams aren't told who the leaders are). The game starts yet Team Fairy Tail doesn't move as the others team gain points much to everyone's (including the other Fairy Tail members) confusion. Mavis eventually reveals she been sending battle strategies to the team to help them, eventually she tells the team to proceed. Meanwhile the rescue team pull a Trojan horse by having Mirajane disguise as a guard and bring in a "captured' Natsu and Wendy. Just as they proceed in, the princess (?!) of the kingdom proceeds to start the Eclipse Plan (!!!!).

- Important Things of Note

  • Rescue team is in the castle
  • Mavis has been memorizing the battles of their former opponents
  • There's a princess of Fiore and she has her own eclipse plan.

-Cheers and Jeers


Okay before I go into my confusion let's start with the good. The first half of the chapter was gold, I actully laughed at Happy idea of disguises, especially Mira's (yeah I'm sure THAT wouldn't draw suspicion). I'm pretty sure this was just done as a quick nod to Halloween in which case very cute Mashima.

So yeah the final game not surprising is a battle royale around the city, heh I guess after the attempted coup with Laxas they decided "hey this would make a great game". It's very simple and straight to the point, no drawing it out, we just get the rules and get right to it. A tad chaotic keeping track of whose who but at the least were not focusing on one on one fights which I really appreciate. Having Team FT not participate just yet is a pretty good build to when they do go on the attack. Don't really know if Mavis giving them strategies is considered cheating but I suppose any advantage will work. She actually looked pretty scary when was explaining her plan to the other members. Heh just goes to show beware the nice ones. From the looks of it only Quatro Puppy were KO'd so that just some minor points gone and with the small fish gone, that leaves the big ones for the taking. Jeje

(Slaps head) Gah of course, Mira's shape changing abilities. Just been awhile since we've seen her use it, that explains why she was picked to go with the two. Once again simple yet effective plan, now lets see how long they can keep it under wraps.

But now we come to my confusion, where the heck has this character been? I mean I know with a king he might have some family around and thats fine but she hasn't appeared at all since this arc began. Now all of a sudden we have a princess who has her own eclipse plan and just...again what? I'm sorry I'm all for twists but you gotta least set it up to do it effectively. A good twist is something small that was mentioned or seen before but is just glanced over and we don't think nothing of it until it pops up later in the story to reveal it's importance. But she hasn't appeared at all since this arc started and now just, oop hey here she is and she's got a plan of her own. And really, ANOTHER Eclipse plan? Huh well I suppose if they tried it artificially or prematurely that probably would've brought about ruin. Oy I'm sounding like a record player with these theories but thats only because they're piling up one after another like a car wreak.

- Final Grade: A-

I'll give the chapter credit for the majority of it as its still exciting and I look forward to how Team Fairy Tail deals with their opponents. Plus the rescue teams efforts to find and get Lucy out of the castle now that they've snuck in undetected. As schmaltzy as the reveal was that the princess has a Eclipse plan of her own, I will say I am curious why she wanted to be a part of this and what her Eclipse plan involves. It also adds another guess to the "who is the mysterious girl" theory. It's not a bad chapter by any means but do try to work on your twists a little better Mashima. You've proven you could do them from previous chapters, heck even in Rave Master. Just take your time with it, k?

And P.S:

Scary Mavis

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