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    Hey all I'm back once again!


    Yeah I deserve that. Yeah sorry for going silent no sooner then the Grand Magic Games arc ended. It just got busy over here once again that my schedule got thrown out of whack. I focused on some things but neglected others with my FF reviews once again getting the shaft. Well once again I got a lag in work and got caught up with the rest of the Sun Village arc. I figured I might as well review the rest of it. So here we go.

    Sun Village Arc Review

    So when I last left off, Team Natsu has entered the village to try to find the Eternal Flame at the request of Warren, one of the founding members of Fairy Tail. Once they had entered the place, they found it was a village of giants that was oddly frozen. The gr…

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    Well back to the review grind, least this time I don't have to review 20 odd chapters. =P Also much love to those that welcomed me back, it's great seeing you all all again. ^_^

    Chapter 344: Wizards Vs Hunters

    So when we last left off, Team Natsu (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, Erza, Happy and Carla) headed for Sun Village, a village of giants that were mysteriously frozen by an unknown force. When the group get there, they find three treasure hunters scouting the place. They claim Moon Drip will unfreeze the giants and have some on them but refuse to give it up. And thus a chase ensues.

    The group (sans Erza who wanted to do some investigating) continue the chase before the hunters decide to retaliate. All of them having specialized weapons. One h…

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    GUESS WHOSE BACK...again. =P

    Yeah sorry for being away all but once again life just got busy for me and I haven't had the time to come back. I had planned to do a drawn version of my review after my last Omnibus but that didn't get off the ground (not to say I'm not still thinking about it though). And well, you know how it is. I finally was able to get some free time but, man, the manga just blew by me in that timeframe. So rather then just do the thing chapter by chapter in yet another Omnibus, let's just review the remainder of the Grand Magic Games arc.

    So yeah basically Laxus puts up a good fight against Jura and comes out the victor. Erza manages to beat Minvera in a rather disappointing climax. Sting wimps out in the final moments of …

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    HELLO FT WIKI! Long time no see, I would ask if ya miss me. But eh most of ya hardly know me, so I won't delude myself. But still for the few who do follow my blogs, sorry for the wait. I had a disagreement with a certain editor over in the story arcs section (I won't name but he knows who he is >=/) as well as commitments outside the site. I decided to take a little break from the wiki for a bit though have been keeping up with the manga. Figured I let it go far enough to warrant a batch of reviews. So then, let's go.

    Chap 312: Threesome

    Skinny: Erza, Kagura and Minerva clash for a bit. Minerva reveals she has Milliana. Datong confronts Hisui about the Eclipse plan, the rescue team finally meet cloak woman who is indeed a Future Lucy.


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    Oh -Bleep-, son!

    Chapter 311: This Country, Until Tomorrow

    What Went Down:

    The rescue team try to find a way out and we find out that Arcadios survived the lava thanks to a pendent he was given by the princess. An exit to the Palace opens and the group meet the mysterious girl. Meanwhile Datong returns to the castle and confronts Hisui over the Eclipse plan (which plan 2 is the real one), thus she starts to explain herself. Back at the games Juvia confronts Cheila and Erza is set to fight Minerva, but Kagura unexpectedly rushes to battle her. Minerva eventually does show up leading to a three-way clash.

    -Important things of note:

    • Arcadios survived thanks to the princess and the Rescue Team meet the mysterious girl.
    • Hisui is the true mastermind …
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