Alright, let's get this show on the road.

The chapter opens with Jellal and Erza (KYA! :3) and Kitty-chan. The latter is still pissed off at Jellal and still wants to kill his face. Because surely kitty tube magic is enough to take out a former Wizard Saint...

Anyway, Ultear steps in before she can do anything and saves the day by playing the villain to draw Kitty-chan's rage and stuff. And now I'm going to digress for a moment.

I am a straight female, and yet when I saw Ultear's rear end in this chapter all I could think was: DAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM. That ass.

Alright, moving on from Ultear's undeniably fine derriere, we finally see Kagura again! She's spying on Jellal, Erza, and Kitty-chan, and it looks like she's decided to spare Jellal's life because of what she heard. Or she just decided to kill him later, that's a possibility too.

Somewhere else in Crocus, Rogue is still having issues fighting his dragon. But Sting arrives to snap him out of it, and brings his dragon with him. Honestly, this page nearly made me break myself laughing... It was just their faces when Sting says "I brought it with me". Rogue is all WTF, dude?! and Sting is just like (please forgive my use of this term) YOLOOOOOO!!!! Anyway, the two start fighting side by side, and Rogue takes comfort in the fact that if he does turn evil, Sting will be able to kill him.

Happy thoughts, Rogue. Happy thoughts.

At the same time, Ultear is having internal issues. She's conflicted both because of the fact that she couldn't kill one person to save millions and because she was about to kill an innocent person without a second thought. Poor Ul, at least she's still got a lovely rear end.

And then comes the super surprising part.

We see Meredy and Juvia meet up somewhere in Crocus. They both almost get taken out by one of Motherglare's little kidlets, but Gray tackles them both and saves them.

Oh, and Lyon's there too. Hi Lyon.

Gray informs Juvia that he has something to tell her.

Me: Cue hilarious Juvia misinterpreting Gray scene...

Sure enough, Juvia starts freaking out and panicking and misinterpreting like crazy. So much so that she doesn't notice Motherglare's kidlet opening fire behind her. But Gray shoves her out of the way and-


Me: Wait, what?

And then gets shot SEVEN MORE TIMES?!?!

Me: Holy crap.

And then.... HEADSHOT!


Geez. Even though Mashima's most likely going to bring him back, that was still really, really dark, especially for Fairy Tail. I mean, it goes from funny and stupid porn scenes to main character deaths in like three chapters! And Gray's my favorite character in the series, too... TT_TT

Anyway, how do you guys think Mashima will bring Gray back? I was thinking either all of them will travel back in time to change the future or Ultear will pull some crazy self-sacrificing shit to bring him back.

It was a very interesting chapter, in my opinion. But geez, poor Gray. Even though he's not going to stay dead for long, being ripped to shreds is probably an extremely traumatic experience.

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