Alright. First of all, I would like to applaud Mashima on one of the funniest covers I've seen in a while. I love how Laxus looked all stoic and nonchalant while Mira and Lisanna did their crazy little cutting job, and the Rajinshuu were in the background making "WTF" faces... It made me crack up, I swear.

Okay, so the first few pages were just Natsu attempting to beat up emo Rogue. Unsuccessfully, of course, since the guy's a badass, but Natsu gets an A for effort. At the same time, the rest of the mages are attempting to fight the rest of the dragons down in the city. Fairy Tail is still fighting the fiery arrogant one. Atlas Flame, I think...? I'm going to call him Fire Face, it's easier to remember. Anyway, Makarov yells something about nakama that I've forgotten, and punches Fire Face, only to get burned. Oh my god, nakama power failed. Everyone's going to die.

Fire Face then tells the mages that humans cannot defeat dragons. Hm... I bet in a couple chapters, he'll change his mind...

Sabertooth is also fighting a dragon that looks like a cross between a bird, lizard, and stag beetle. We finally get the truth about Sting and Rogue's dragons... apparently, Weisslogia asked Sting to kill him so that he could become stronger and Skiadrum asked Rogue to kill him because he was ill.

Call me crazy, but for some reason I'm kind of glad those two turned out to be fakers. I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to like them if they'd killed their dragons without a good reason and a buttload of remorse on their side.

Back to emo Rogue and Natsu. The former explains in his future, the world is ruled by one single dragon: Acnologia. No surprises there. His dragon manipulation magic didn't work on Acnologia. No surprises there. He summoned the dragons to defeat Acnologia so that he can take over the world. And again, no surprises there.

But really, why does every villain seem to want to take over the world in one way or another? Have they ever thought about what they're going to do once they take it over? I mean, I feel like it'd get pretty boring after a while. But whatever, on with the review.

Natsu then proceeds to punch Rogue's dragon out of the air. Pretty impressive for a beat-up mage who was getting eaten by a shadow roughly ten minutes ago. Then he starts yelling about how there are seven dragons and seven dragon slayers, and how their magic was created for this day (FINALLY, a non-nakama speech!).

Emo Rogue laughs at Natsu, believing that he counted wrong. Because Natsu is obviously incapable of counting to seven. But then Natsu repeats the seventh dragon slayer's favorite line: "I can hear it." Which was a pretty cool build up for the seventh's entrance, but actually made no sense if you think about it.

Doranbolt is shown panting, apparently having gone someplace far away to retrieve someone. This person is none other than the imprisoned last dragon slayer, Cobra. Their former enemy and former member of Oracion Seis. Pretty cool. Except for his clothes, which are slightly horrendous. Other than that, he's a badass.

Well, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the Dragon slayers fight the dragons. I kind of hope that each slayer will be paired with another mage to fight, because that would be seriously awesome. Strangely enough, I am also hoping that Yukino and Cobra will fight as a pair if that happens. I am a deeply weird person.

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