Hahaha, I'm baaaaaack~

Well, because I'm an idiot when it comes to technology, I ended up getting myself blocked from the wiki. I think I accidentally posted a picture the wrong way...? Well anyway, hopefully I'll get it right this time around.

Now then, Chapter 327. Which I personally like to call the Lucy-does-something-awesome-finally chapter.

Lately Lucy has been getting a lot of hate from people who are complaining about her being useless and apparently helping the enemy. So in this chapter, she finally gets a chance to prove them wrong and laugh in their faces about it.

Now I'm going to be honest (and you guys can laugh at me for this). I didn't see the eclipse gate portal thing coming. I mean, I didn't fully understand how it was going to go down - I'm pretty sure I pictured the door changing into a cannon like a freaking Transformer - but I didn't think it'd be a portal...

Anyway, props to Lucy for realizing that the door is a door.

And now I will digress for a moment... why the hell is Gray wearing a butterfly shirt in this chapter? I'm pretty sure he wasn't wearing one in the last chapter, and unless he decided to take a superfast changing session for some weird reason (maybe he got ketchup on the old shirt...?) I have no idea how he got a new one. Well, whatever. He's still the same sexy Gray-sama, even if his shirt has a butterfly on it.

Back to the plotline. So, Lucy's arguing with Princess Hisui, which was pretty darn cool, when a GIANT-ASS DRAGON COMES OUT OF THE GATE. And then I got all sad that the anime ended because I really, really wanted to see that thing animated. It roars and stomps and generally creates havoc like the badass dragon it is. And so Lucy starts shaking Hisui, who's still in shock from the fact that she just screwed over the entire world, and asks how the hell to close the gate so that they don't all get eaten by giant fire-breathing monsters.

There's a lever on a random pedestal nearby that shuts it off, and so Lucy runs over and tries to close the doors. Apparently, she figured it out by having Crux research the gate and figured out that it's (surprise!) linked to Zeref.

Good job, Lucy. Have a cookie.

More dragons keep coming out of the gate and knocking her away from the pedestal, which is apparently jammed. Meanwhile, Hisui is still freaking out about the fact that the world is about to end because of her.

Lucy gets up and runs back to the pedestal, yelling about how she wants to live life to the fullest for her and her future self, which was a very nice moment in my opinion.

At the same time, Natsu is apparently still KO'd and getting sucked in by emo Rogue's shadow after getting his ass handed to him on a plate. Ultear is freaking out because she can't pull him out and he's about to get nommed on by a weird demonic shadow. But Natsu gets up, and then we get a nice panel of both him and Lucy swearing to protect the future. Nice ending.

I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm not sure what's going to happen next... but I saw someone post a theory that I thought was completely EPIC.

They thought that the Dragon slayers actually came from 400 years ago, when the dragons were alive. This would explain that time in the Fighting Festival arc when Natsu and Gajeel couldn't leave the runes that Freed set up... if they came from 400 years earlier, they were over the age limit.

Anyway, does anyone have any other ideas about what's about to happen? Hopefully it'll be as epic as this chapter.


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