Hello guys, renkrisb here and honestly this is my first review i have, so please bear with me. So far, Chapter 236 (am I right?) is my favorite chapter and I want to voice my opinion about it. My second fav is that chapter about the Fullbusters, you know the father (Silver) and the son (Gray), I really love it. Well, anyway let's move on to my reaction.

First let's go for the cute young Zeref (yay, another flashbacks!!!). Of course, he is smart and intelligent. Moreover, he is an academic prodigy. I've always thought about that when he discovered the R-system and also when he invented the Eclipse gate... duh. But all of his hardwork, his efforts, his doings are nothing but for his deceased younger brother.

More like the Elric brothers, huh? Tell me about it.

His brother's life was more important than his own. He couldn't accept his death, so despite the warnings from his teachers, he continued to do so... That is until when one of his teachers told him about his expulsion and reviving his only brother will never be done. EVER. He panicked upon hearing this and unconciously unleashed the Curse of the god Ankhseram (what is this??? an egyptian god?).

As years passed by (of course, after Mavis saw him na-- okay, scratch that) he felt guilty. He wanted someone to kill him, so he created the Etherious, the demons he summoned out of his book. But Zeref was way to powerful, not to mention he's immortal. So he created his final creation. The "ETHERIOUS NATSU DRAGNEEL" or abbreviated into E.N.D.

Zeref reveals himself to be Natsu's older brother! Zeref Dragneel! I knew they were related somehow, but I didn't expect them to be brothers (jugding by their appearance actually). Now, this is added to Natsu's background story!

Now question is... How the hell did Natsu went to Igneel? Did Zeref sent him? If he did then, when?

What do you think guys? Not too touche enough?

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