Not sure if this thing will turn into a failure but I'm bore this past few days so I'll just write some unrelated stuff that you guys wont even care about. ( ._.)

Anyway, here's the puzzle! If you can figure this out I'll try writing a second chapter if this doesn't become a deserted wasteland of a blog (._. )

[Chapter 1 - Imprisonment]

Additional Information: Sunday, Year 2009

You wake up in a room. In front of you is a locked door with an engraving saying "Seven columns, Four row." In order to open the door you need a 12-digit code. You look around, the left wall has "32nd ...y" writing on it in blood. The right wall has "the second" itched on it. Behind you is a table, on top is a piece of paper with a drawing of a lunar cycle with a caption "A = 1, B = 2, C = 3... Z = 26." Poison gas slowly fills the room. Hurry or die! \( o__o)/

Note: The ellipsis indicates faded letters, the number of full stops doesn't indicate how many missing letters or numbers. This one is pretty easy compared to what I have in mind for chapter II. GOOD LUCK!

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