Since who knows when someone will get around to make a review blog I'll just go ahead.

First of all, nice cover. Anyway,the story completely shifted to center on Wendy and Ezel while there are still 4 other major fights going on right now... great >_>... (btw LOL @ Happy saying Wendy will be alright cuz Carla is with her.) well this chapter reminds me of Erza vs. Azuma taking priority over Bickslow + Freed vs. Rustyrose and Bluenote vs Gildarts because Azuma had also rendered them weak... kinda like what its about to happen with Face. Oh well. So in the cave there is good air, with low temperature and high humidity. How convenient for a SKY DS to find good air in a chapter named after a battle she is about to have... >_>. So Ezel is pissed that he only has a midget to kill and pounces at her, she dodges, and Ezel continues to try to get her as he wrecks everything his 4 arms and tentacles touches. Wendy uses new spells Deus Corona (God Crown?), which increases her defenses, and Deus Eques (God Knight?), which increases her power (looks real awesome btw), Iluars (Double Arms), Iluarmer (Double Armor), Ilvarnia (Double Vernier), Enchant (spell?) Ezel calls her an "enchanter", whatever that means... and then Wendy starts attacking Ezel. However, even with all those power ups, she can't even scratch the demon.

So Ezel fights back. You know what time it is?!!! CHILD SLICING TIME!!! So Ezel uses Tenga Koen (set of swords) Onimaru (one sword) and with simple sweeps of his hands he starts wrecking everything (including Wendy's cute ponytail D:), then he hits her with one of his testicles tentacles and blows her away to neverland. Ezel then uses Juzumaru (another sword) which goes past all her increased defenses and starts ripping off her clothes. Typical Mashima XD. So Wendy gets sent past a wall of the cave, Ezel falls on top of her rape-style. You know what means. CHILD SLICING TIME!!! So then Ezel shows Wendy Face and Carla comes to the rescue!! What do you know, Happy was right! Oh wait. Ezel is about to eat her. Never mind Happy was wrong. So Ezel puts Carla into his mouth and as he starts biting down we all have mixed feeling of happyness and compassion, but mostly happiness. :D But then wait a minute. "Air..." Carla murmurs. Which somehow started a huge chain of though on Wendy while she sees her best friend being eaten and is being crushed by the weight of the monster of top of her... yeah, very likely.

BUT OHMERGOD GIRL FACE IS conveniently RIGHT THERE GATHERING HUGE AMOUNTS OF ETERNANO. USE IT! Wendy mixes the conveniently good air with the eternano from face that is conveniently right there next to her AND GOES INTO DRAGON FORCE!! omg she looks cute and crazy as fuck <3. reminds of my little sister >_>. And she blows Ezel up, up and away. Though somehow, Carla who was inside him falls down to the ground instead of going up. >_>

So overall really nice chapter!!! ^_^

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