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  5. This Month in the Anime
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  7. Crocus Pocus
  8. Fiore's Got Fanon
  9. Real Tail
  10. Foreign Finds
  11. Jakuho's Corner
  12. Nostalgic Magic
  13. The Last Pollbender

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-jabberjay Technical Updates
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Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Ongoing discussions and votes:

Announcements and discussion results:


Guild Competition Stats:

As of January 31, 2012, the following are the scores of each guild for the guild competition:

  • Referencia Guild: 275 Jewels
  • Fight Summary Guild: 265 Jewels
  • Anime Summary Guild: 110 Jewels
  • Image Guild: 65 Jewels
  • Manga Summary Guild: 15 Jewels

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
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Sexiest Mage Alive (Male)

Erza from Magazine Special

Erza Scarlet
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is the female knight, Erza Scarlet, also known as Titania (Queen of the Fairies). She's a 19 year old Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that employs Requip as her main form of Magic. She's a strict woman who doesn't tolerate slackers, always wears armor, enjoys strawberry cake, and suffers from terrible stage fright.


(Erza Scarlet to Fairy Tail Mages)"I've heard you've been causing trouble again. Even if Master forgives you, I won't."

Who do you think should be February's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 21:46 on January 31, 2012, and so far 817 people voted.

Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITAJan12 - I Wish

The tenth opening theme, I Wish, by Milky Bunny, debuted this month in episode 112, The One Thing I Couldn't Say. It contains major spoiler from the upcoming episodes, even from what seems to be the beginning of the X791 arc.


The opening begins with a huge spoiler, Natsu in Flame Lightning Dragon Mode. To some people, that is awesome because they are Natsu fans, but to others, like me, it's horrible. You don't just tell the whole audience one of the biggest happenings in this arc just like that! Not to mention, Laxus arriving, Acnologia arrving, Hades's Devil's Eye, and Mavis! Sure, it looks epic, but WTF! It's like they gave away the next 20 episodes. However, some goods did come out of it. The first one being Bickslow's new super epic outfit! Though I liked that the crest is red in the manga, purple isn't bad. He looks so epic! Also, Gildart's wet hair looks so badass and Acnologia appearing bigger than Tenrou Island itself and with a red background just looked so epic. Lastly, even though it was such big spoiler, Laxus looked so cool that I had to make a gif of him here, though in the end I gave it to Aldarinor since he loves Laxus so much. Now we wait to see what the next opening has stored in for us.

TMITAJan12 - Boys Be Ambitious

The tenth ending theme, Boys Be Ambitious, sang by Hi-Fi Camp, also debuted this month in episode 112, The One Thing I Couldn't Say. It features all arcs prior to the timeskip.

The ending begins with a red Fairy Tail symbol zooming out and then being set aflame and the flames then take the shape of a tornado. After this, a picture of the Macao arc is shown in chibi form. From the picture, there is a trail with pictures from the arc around it that lead you to a picture of the Lullaby arc in chibi form. This continues until it reaches the Edolas arc and then you see Lucy coloring a picture for the Tenrou Island arc and the rest of her team puttin down the pictures. That is so nostalgic because in the final episode before the timeskip, when the narrator says that the Tenrou Team was supposedly never found for seven years, and then have this ending appear, reminding everyone of everything that had happened up to that point, it will certainly make a few girls cry. The ending ends with a painting of Lucy that reminded me of Reedus's drawings that appeared in Chapter 254.

TMITAJan12 - Ep112

In episode 112, The One Thing I Couldn't Say, Cana gains Fairy Glitter and goes to save Lucy from Bluenote, however she fails and ends up being saved by Gildarts.

Cana summon Fairy Glitter

The anime portrayed this episode really good in my opinion. It made some things clearer, for example the spell he used against Natsu here. We had initially thought that it was a beam-like spell (it even had a page named Gravity Beam) but the anime showed us what clearly happened. The anime also added more to Cana's flashback, in which there is a part that I like very much: the reason why Cana uses Card Magic! I think it's a good idea the anime department had, since the manga was probably never going to reveal why she learned it. It turns out it was to find her dad! Lastly, have you fucking seen this image?! Cana looks so epic.

TMITAJan12 - Ep113

In episode 113, Tenrou Tree, Gildarts, Freed and Bickslow return and fight. Meanwhile, Erza starts her battle with Azuma, who destroys the Tenrou Tree.

Ghosts of Brittia

I hope I'm not being bias just because Bickslow is my favorite character, but this episode had potential to be animated 10 times better. The animators made the extreme epicness of Bickslow's and Freed's return too rushed! It took the anime only 3 minutes (yes, I timed it) from Freed and Bickslow's arrival until the part where they are standing over Rusty; something as epic as their return should have taken a bit longer. In the other hand, they took a lot of time with Baryon Formation; they took like 20 seconds with the loading when it should have just been a quick massive shot! In my opinion, the speed in which it was casted was a testimony of how much he had grown, but no, the anime made it take a long time. They changed the epic explosion of Crumble into some kind of smoke or something. I was also expecting for the anime to show what kind of Magic Freed used while using Dark Écriture: Absolute Shadow but they completely removed it! I hate the animators when they do stuff like that. One good thing did come out of this though, the epicness of Ghosts of Brittia's performance by Rustyrose looked awesome! The falling of the Tenrou Tree also looked awesome, but Azuma's dehydrated body because of it looked really weird and it annoyed me.

TMITAJan12 - Ep114

In episode 114, Erza vs. Azuma, Erza squares off in an intense and close battle against Azuma, the only one who can restore the Fairies' power, finally taking him down.

I loved this episode! It was so awesomely animated! However, it contained a lot of fillers and the fight was lengthen severely, but I think it just increased the severity of the situation since so many armors were requiped. The major thing for me was at around 15 minutes with 50 seconds. The music played was so amazing and it gave a melancholic feel to her defeat and how she overcame her seemingly defeat. If you haven't watched, or if you have watched, GO WATCH IT NOW/AGAIN!!! Demon Blade Crimson Sakura was also pretty awesome, as well as the animation of Terra Clamare. The last part, where Erza is pushed by her nakama just didn't do it for me. I was expecting something really big, but the way the anime portrayed was not the best way to do it.

TMITAJan12 - Ep115

In Episode 115, Frozen Spirit, with Azuma's defeat, the Fairy Tail member's power return and defeat their opponents while Gray begins his fight.

Ok, so just to let you know, the file I downloaded was very glitchy and the sound sometimes did not match with the image, so I didn't get the best experience out of it, but still, it was good. Anyway, the anime know how to make up for their mistakes! They noticed how they could have animated Tenrou Tree better and made their come backs so good!!! However, there were a lot of "What the fuck?!" moments in this episode. Here are some.

Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header-Jan12
This Month in the Manga

January 2012

We might as well start. But before that… No, don’t worry, I’m not reprimanding you again (though you’d deserve that… GO READ THE CHAPTERS THEMSELVES!!!). What I’d like to do is an EXTREMELY SHORT summary of previous events which led to such chapters… Guess I’ll steal the anime caption (Sorry my trusty Anime Whore!) and go for a “Previously on Fairy Tail” (without the Natsu voice, mine is likely a bit deeper). So, let’s get at it!

TMITMJan12 - Ch 265

I- Chapter 265: The Blooming Capital, Crocus

Here comes the first chapter of 2012! Yay! Published on the 6th of January on most sites, it consists of 18 standard pages and a double page… Kind of a standard arrangement for the weekly chapter.

Alright, new year, new location! The Grand Magic Games will be held in Crocus, the capital of the Fiore kingdom! Widely known as the “Blooming capital” for the vast amounts of flowers it houses, Crocus welcomes Team Natsu and Wendy Marvel, still exhausted by the unconventional training they underwent with Ultear’s aid. Here they meet up with some of their fellow guild members, and we (the readers) are informed about the Games’ rules, among which is, obviously, the Guild Master's impossibility to participate in the event. It’s not long before we learn that the five representatives of Fairy Tail will be… Dammit, who do you think will be? Obviously Team Natsu and Wendy! Something strange, right? What about Laxus, Gildarts, Gajeel, Mirajane…? Simple, they’re not there. How convenient. The event itself is supposed to be a secret: no idea what will involve, it seems to change every year. However, the competitors are supposed to reach their lodgings before 12:00 AM. Taking advantage of the hours still left before the night, Team Natsu splits up to explore the town, with Erza going immediately to the lodgings and having a look around. Gray runs into Juvia (now donning a fashionable new outfit ) who came to cheer her guildmates up; as they ready to eat something together (much to Juvia and our surprise), Lyon appears, boasting about his new infatuation with Juvia, and challenges Gray: if Lamia Scale wins the Grand Magic Games, Juvia will have to join their guild. Fairy Tail’s victory would, predictably, allow them to keep Juvia (Obvious, no? What a profitable bet…). The whole scene is comedic, nothing serious… I think. In front of Crocus’ majestic palace, Mercurius, Wendy and Charle are going touring under the wicked-looking eyes of an hidden, small observer… Don’t think it’s there to sell them cookies, that is.

Third Generation's Taunt

In comparison, that's an amateur...

Elsewhere, Natsu, Lucy and Happy run into the famous Dragon Slayer Duo of the currently strongest Guild in Fiore, Sabertooth: before them are Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, together with their (seemingly) Exceed partners Lector and Frosh. The four of them don’t lose any time and start acting like the assholes they’re supposed to be, with the boys downplaying Natsu and stating they could take on Acnologia anytime (again, see the character page!), and the two cats casually insulting Happy… The two Dragon Slayers then go on to reveal that they belong to the Third Generation, having BOTH learned their Magic from a Dragon and having had it implanted in their body… “Dramatic music” …To subsequently kill the Dragon who taught them.

Mashima’s art is good as always, and we get an appreciable cover portraying Natsu (in a plastic pose) and Igneel, with everything highlighted by intense colors (these being obviously black and various shades of green… No “real” colors this week, sorry guys).

TMITMJan12 - Ch 266

II- Chapter 266: Sky Labyrinth

After the shocking news and the hanging around, Team Natsu returns to the lodgings, only to discover that Wendy is nowhere to be found. Elfman (who seems to have been overusing steroids during the three-month training) and Lisanna appear to support them with weird-named snacks and beverages! Before they have a chance to boast about the therapeutic effects of the so called “Muscle Cola” (obviously plagiarized by the Coca Cola, which received Muscle Cola’s Magical layers knocking at the door as a result), the clock strikes midnight. And hell unleashes (at Russel Crowe’s signal, of course). Floating in the air above Crocus, obviously high on something, is the Pumpkin King, stranded in Fiore from Halloween Town, weird announcer, who goes on to announce that the participant guilds will be reduced from 113 to 8 through a preliminary event… The so called “Sky Labyrinth”, which has all of the guild’s lodgings unite into a mechanical globe floating high above Crocus and rolling around the town, with each guild’s goal being making it out of the place to the Coliseum Domus Flau, where the main event will be held…


Fuck, say what? Mashima must have been high on something as well while planning this...

Anyway, Elfman rapidly takes the absent Wendy’s place in the team (maybe a chance for a secondary character to shine?). Yay!

Eliminating Competitions

Punch, freeze, burn...

Inside the “labyrinth”, Lucy, in order for her group to orient itself, displays the use of a new Celestial Spirit, this being the result of the union between the babies-bringing stork and a compass, who proves itself useless like her master. Team Natsu soon realizes that the best way to leave the place is taking away the maps other teams are trying to draw… Something they achieve by punching, burning, freezing and sexually whipping (no, I’m not joking here) opponents. In the end, thanks to this “winning strategy”, Fairy Tail makes it out of the preliminary event… 8th. Last place among the “winners”. Who was it that beat the former strongest guild in Fiore? Wait and see!

Oh, right: Happy and Lisanna are searching around for the missing Wendy, and spot her bag not far from some bushes… A kidnapping? A young love? A stalker?

The art doesn’t disappoint, and Elfman’s given a new attire and, most importantly, a pair of HUGE sideburns. Which you can like or not. What I think most of the people out there won’t dislike (‘cause I know you) is Erza’s new… Ahem… Kinky Armor (thanks Rauleli for the name), coming equipped with the previously mentioned whip. And with the right outfit to use it the way I mentioned. Ahem. Let's go on. The cover portrays the Guild Card of the older Max, which owes the timeskip for turning him into a cool fellow.

TMITMJan12 - Ch 267

III – Chapter 267: New Guild

Fairy Tail, having entered the real thing, readies itself for the Grand Magic Games, donning their new, matching attires… That is, aside from Elfman, who finds Wendy’s dress a bit too small for it to fit on him… And since we’re at it, Wendy’s back! Momentarily deprived of her Magic Power and unable to remember who did this to her, she was found unconscious by the previously mentioned bushes. She’s out for the moment, much to her changrin, but Porlyusica, in her usual deus ex machina fashion, appears and reveal that, with her aid, she’ll be able to take part in the following phases of the Games. Until then… Elfman’s in! Fairy Tail, at last, enters the Domus Flau’s arena…

We are rapidly introduced to the announcer Chapati Lola and to the commentator, our old acquaintance Shitou Yajima. Together with them is “Miss Fiore”, Jenny Realight from Blue Pegasus. Mashima adds another beauty to the list as Fairy Tail enters the stadium… And is booed at by everyone. Things really change in seven years. Luckily enough, supporting the team is Yajima and, predictably, the rest of Fairy Tail… Among which is Mavis Vermillion herself, complaining about Tenrou Island’s boringness, and claiming that only those with the guild’s crest can see her. Nice add. Please, don’t go around using super-banal Plot Armor again, ok?

In the meantime, the other participants appear! 7th place is… Quatro Cerberus! REALLY? Mashima actually remembered about ever creating a character named Goldmine and ever making him the Guild Master of a guild? It seems the case, since he’s visible on the stand, cheering his weird-looking boys, led by none else than Wolverine himself! who came directly from the dog pound to be adopted by caring families, receive much love and beat the crap out of everyone opposing them. Then comes the all-female guild, Mermaid Heels, and its beautiful (?) members. 5th place… Blue Pegasus! Cheered by an enthusiastic Jenny, Pegasus’ Trimens are flanked by… An individual hidden by a bunny suit. Yeah, right. Let’s just go on to 4th place, Lamia Scale! Flanking Lyon and Jura are Yuka, Toby and, surprisingly, Shellia, Sherry’s younger sister, with the two of them being revealed as the nieces of Lamia’s Master, She-Buddha Ooba Babasaama.

Midnight Commandos

Crows readying for the feast...

And next comes 3th place… Which, much to the surprise of Fairy Tail (but not ours, given the foreshadowing from some chapters ago) is Raven Tail, the Dark Guild founded by Makarov’s son Iwan! These guys are revealed to have recently been made a legal guild… Though Iwan himself, sitting on the stand, doesn’t seem to have benefited from the sudden legalization of his guild, being creepy as always. His guys aren’t any better, being revealed as the ones who attacked Wendy, with the small stalker being one of them (think we need to give someone our excuses…). Rivalry bursts between the two guilds… Their confrontation will be inevitable!

Just two teams missing… One of them will likely be Sabertooth… But what about the other? Could it possibly be the source of the mysterious energy which Jellal asked Fairy Tail to keep an eye out for? Gray and Erza wonder these things as the chapter ends.

Well, what to say… The art lives up to Mashima’s reputation. Quatro Cerberus looks like a group of brawns, while Mermaid Heels sport rather cartoonish females… The one to shine, however, is Raven Tail itself, shown in a glorious two-pages picture, and making their entrance in great badassness… Armors, make up, weirdos, absurd cleavages, they have them all! Not to mention the Exceed-like assailant, who can seemingly alter its head’s appearance in a cartoonish way… Maaaan, cant’ wait to see those guys in action! Cover's in medias res, with the crowd cheering for the beginning of the Games.

Last but not least, Mashima offers us some gems during the course of this chapter… A pair of pretty funny jokes and, most importantly, what you could call a visual easter egg… Up to you to find them!

TMITMJan12 - Ch 268

IV - Chapter 268: The B-Team

The atmosphere is tense as the competitors wait for the 2nd place... One of the two remaining teams will surely be Sabertooth... So what about this second group? Another guild? The one related to the mysterioys magical energy? Or maybe the one which killed Dr. Black in the library with a candlestick?

Nope... It's even better than that...

The B-Team

Oozing awesomeness...

IT'S FAIRY TAIL B-TEAM!!! Standing before the astonished public of everyone are Laxus (All hail Laxus-sama!!!), Gajeel, Mirajane, Juvia and... Mystogan???!!! What is he doing here??? Ah no, wait, it's a disguised Jellal... What is he doing here???

The commentators announce that it's not against the rules for a guild to have more than a team participate, and the Fairies chat a bit, with Natsu claiming he'll beat up anyone stepping in his team's path, guild or not, and Jellal revealing Makarov allowed him to act as Mystogan in order to investigate this nasty energy, which keeps remaining mysterious... "Hand gesture" Mysteryyyyyyyy!!! Mavis herself's quite satisfied to have a former Wizard Saint on her guild's side... Despite him not actually being part of the guild. Oh well. Mere formalities, right?

Once the chatting is over, the team who made it to the 1st place makes its entrance... Sabertooth appears! Leading the 5-men (or rather, 4-men 1-woman) squad is the exulting Sting, with Rogue following. The two of them exchange gazes and (in the former case) insults with, respectively, Natsu and Gajeel. Now that the guests are all there, the party can start! The announcers go on to explain the program of the Games, which will last for 5 days. Every day a particular contest will be held, together with a battle: the teams will choose which member shall take part in the contest, but the participants for the following battle will be chosen by the organizers depending on fan preferences. Variable amounts of points will be awarded for completing contests and either winning battles or finishing them in a draw. Without losing time, the first contest is announced: "Hidden!". Mhm. Interesting name. There are many hidden things in this world. Among which are blades. But that's another story. Still oblivious to the contest's rules, each team chooses a member to participate: Quatro Cerberus goes for its professional wrestler; Mermaid Heels is represented by a cute, noseless girl (if the contest was related to smell,s they'd be fucked); Raven Tail shows its hand with a bifurcated-bearded dwarf; Pegasus sends in Eve, and the strongest guild in Fiore chooses Lady Oscar its bard member as the competitor (wonder how come Rustyrose's less gay brother a fellow like him ended up in a guild which bears the name of an extinct, furry and dribbling ferocious animal... Though, if that's the case, I also wonder why Elfman or any other hulking Mage in our known guild chose Fairy Tail...). Solving the discussion within Lamia Scale is Lyon, who steps forward to participate. Something which prompts Gray to act as the competitor for Fairy Tail's "lousy team"... With Juvia following shortly after for Fairy Tail's "cool team". Tsk. Talk about chain reactions... What will this "Hidden" test entail? Will it really be a stealthy contest, like Erza assumed? There's just one way to know... Wait and see!

Usual good art, plus a pair of two-pages shots... The first portraying Fairy Tail's second team and the chapter's namesource, the other, obviously, the "almighty" Sabertooth... Which, aside from Sting, Rogue and the above mentioned bard (going by the name Rufus), has a massive, fur-clad fellow (again... What did you expect from a guild which bears the name of an extinct, furry and dribbling ferocious animal?) and a delicate young girl clad in a cape and feathers... Same question which I came up with for Rufus. And same rumination about Fairy Tail. Mhm. Let's just go on. Talking about Fairy Tail, the élite team's members got themselves some pretty nice outfits, check them out... Simple stuff, nothing too elaborated, but worth watching. The cover shows us the Guild Card of the "new Warren", sporting his weird hairstyle and shouting his love for vegetables to the world.

-jabberjay Crocus Pocus
-jabberjay | Writer



Welcome to Crocus Pocus! Fond of quizzes, puzzles or some other random game that would help you pass the time? Then this is the place to go! Each month, this article will feature a different set of games (that is, if I don't fall victim to laziness that I fail to be innovative with this). No, not flash games that would lead you to endlessly waste your time relentlessly playing like Cubefield or Robot Unicorn Attack (though if I figure out how, I might...). Just games that I can conjure up with a little bit of imagination, my love for Fairy Tail and the trusty photoshop.

  • Word Hunt - Find 30 (yes, thirty) words related to Fairy Tail on the word hunt below. In case you were wondering, "Vespucci" isn't related to Fairy Tail.
  • Trivia - A fifteen-point quiz about random Fairy Tail things. The answers here are hints to the 30 words found in the Word Hunt. Answer this perfectly and you get fifteen out of thirty hints ;)
Answer keys will be found in next month's issue.


  1. Horizontal: What dark guild is the main antagonist in the Tenrou Island arc?
  2. Diagonal: Which former S-Class Mage likes "shooby-doo-bopping"?
  3. Vertical: What is the name of the mountain where Team Natsu and Wendy battled a White Wyvern while on a job? (Hint: Answer is found in an anime omake)
  4. Horizontal: It is one of Jellal's spells that dramatically increases his speed.
  5. Diagonal: What medicine enables Earth Land Mages to use Magic in Edolas?
  6. Vertical: What is the name of the backbone team of Fairy Tail?
  7. Horizontal: What is the name of Fiore's "Flower-Blooming Capital"?
  8. Diagonal: Who is the character that finds it necessary to say "Men!" at almost every occasion?

9. Vertical: It is the armor used by Erza Scarlet to counter Knightwalker's Ravelt.
10. Horizontal:It is the world Porlyusica came from.
11. Vertical: It is the spell utilized by Erza that defeated Aria of the Element 4.
12. Vertical: Who is the character that uses a weapon named "Mugetsu-Ryu"?
13. Vertical: This man's last name is "Eucliffe".
14. Diagonal: Jellal entered the Grand Magic Games using this man's identity.
15. Vertical: It is the surname of the Take Over siblings.
Bonus: The nicknames of the five magazine staffers are also within this word hunt. Find them.

Tips: Words may be spelled backwards. You may open this image in paint to mark the words you found. There are a lot of random words here that I didn't actually intend to place as they just appeared while I typed random letters so they're not included :P

Relikz Fiore's Got Fanon
Relikz | Writer

Fiore's Got Fanon Header
Welcome to Fiore's Got Fanon, a place where the best fanons are featured. Each month there will be a different category of fan fiction article that will be featured. There will be 1-2 (maybe 3 depending on the quality of entries) featured articles each month which will be chosen by Relikz.
This month's fanon contest was a:

Fairy Tail Member
This month's first featured fanon:
Name of Fanon Mina Yoru Original's Link Fairy Tail Wiki
Author Otaku Chick Date Extracted January 31, 2012
Short Description
Mina Yoru (ミナ夜 Mina Yoru) is a young female Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild who lost her parents when she was young and had her older sister raise her. When Mina's sister fell sick, she left to find money to cure her and end it up joining Phantom Lord and having Jose Porla as her master and teacher. However, when the war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord erupted, she saw the cruelty of her guild and left, only to join the rival guild, Fairy Tail.



This month's second featured fanon:
Name of Fanon Zerina Stonehood Original's Link Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki
Author Jozhuauwe Date Extracted January 26, 2012
Short Description
Zerina is an “Ancient Spirit Mage” from the island of Antiquia. She is currently an active member of Fairy Tail and used to be in with Visen Ward who is also an “Ancient Spirit mage”. She is the team leader in their team “End-cients”. She was once a citizen of the mysterious Antiquia people, but she left the island after her parents died.



Go to the Fanon Contest's submission page to see all other entries and their reviews.
Next months fanon contest will feature a:

Caster Magic
Issue 2 Fanons
  • All users are free to add fanons that they feel deserve to be featured. However, understand that to be featured fanon, it must meet certain requirements.
  • Go here to submit your fanon and read the rules.
  • Please read all the rules before submitting your entry.





Aldarinor Real Tail
Aldarinor | Writer

RT Header-Jan12

Before reading the article, you'll need to perform occult rituals to have access to it without being assaulted by undead rodents!!! Jump around and spin on your left leg, take off your pants and place them on your head, then put your hands on your head and run out of your house while crying loudly and go to the nearest shoe shop. When you get there, ask the clerk to prepare you a sandwich. Once you've obtained it, return to your house, always donning your pants on the head, and read the article. The rodents' curse then won't have effects on you!

Real Tail… And not only that!

Well hi there dear readers! This is the first number of the Sorcerer Magazine you have there, and this article you’re reading is the first of the Aldarinor’s Extravaganza series!

Alright, the name might be changed.

Anyway, you might be wondering: “Why is this weirdo bothering us?”. The answer to that question is simple. Maybe simpler than shooting a fish in a barrel. Because, well, you know, shooting a fish in a barrel isn’t that simple: what if the barrel was to be full of water? Or maybe something radioactive, which prompted a third arm to sprout from you chest to slap you, angry at you for trying to shoot a poor fish? Who would possibly want to shoot a sad fish stuck in a barrel? What would happen if the fish, tired of you staring moved at it, shot you first with its own gun? And, if you did manage to shoot it first, what if the fish’s friends then came for you? Being chased after by the Sea Mafia would be quite an hassle… Well, whatever.

Let’s get back to the answer, before I get lost again. Since we’re at it, have I ever told you of the accident which involved me, a friend of mine, a wooden Madonna and a ton of imagination? Well, my dear readers, sit comfortably and I’ll…


This article will revolve around the fictional and non-fictional cues found within the beloved manga such Wiki is about (no, it’s not an hentai, you fools!). To make it shorter than I already did, I’m going to list a short series of non-canon facts regarding characters, places and spells, something which I’m placing over here and bringing to your attention because, if you tried to place them in the Trivia section of said characters, places and spells, the boogeyman would delete them, marking them as “Junk Trivia”, and then sneak in your rooms while you’re sleeping and drag you away screaming and kicking from your small beds to unknown places, where he’d sell you to the most fearsome being in this world for a handful of magical beams. It’s a real story!

No need to say, more of these curious facts will be listed in following issues of the Sorcerer Magazine!

So, we might as well start…
Dragon Slayer Real Tail
As you might have heard, the known Magic is often called by its English, romanized name, Doragon Sureiyā (ドラゴンスレイヤー). Living up the the manga’s fantasy imprint, this is likely a reference to the so-called “Slayers” found within fantasy books, comics and novels, the most notable ones being “Demon Slayer” and, of course, “Dragon Slayer” itself… Mhm. Guess we’re all going Doragon Sureiyā then! Come on, repeat in Engrish like a group of weirdos! Repeat! REPEAT!


Anyway... Is Mashima a Dungeon & Dragons player? Mhm… So many questions…

Dragon Slayer GENZOMAN
Shikamaru Nara/Kageyama Real Tail
As the readers of Naruto out there might have realized (for those very few guys who don't know about this widely known character and his abilities, skip the paragraph...), this is another, widely known and common “junk Trivia”, something that has been deleted countless times from Kageyama’s page, and which prompted the page to be blocked at some time. Well, it’s fair and square: the two above mentioned characters, our "Kage" and Naruto's Shikamaru Nara, are like two peas in a pod: both of them employ shadows as the main elements of their fighting style, and both have spiky, scoffing-at-gravity ponytails diagonally pointing upwards, and earrings… The only difference between the two seems to be Shikamaru’s astonishing intelligence, A BIT different from Kageyama’s “generic villain’s dumbness”… Just a bit.
Shikamaru NaraShikamaruShadow
Urumi Real Tail
Guess not all of you might remember someone named Rayule. Let’s have a little revision: he appeared in the Lullaby arc as one of Eisenwald’s most prominent members, and was made short work of by Gray. Not much of an appearance, right?

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Icarus/Bluenote Stinger Real Tail
Alright, here comes the super-powerful Mage widely known as the “ugliest being to ever walk the earth”, Bluenote Stinger!. Mhm. Poor thing… After all, he just wanted to obtain an insanely powerful Magic by extracting it from the body of a buxom young woman, and, one day, manage to fly…

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DaRinor's Notes: Tenrou Island arc It's DaRinor Time
Guys, I'll be talking about the above mentioned arc, not about the location itself. Many aspects of such arc seemed (at least to me) like an homage to one of Fairy Tail’s fellow shōnen, which has already been mentioned, and which you likely know, my little otaku friends… Naruto. Be careful, though, as the following part might potentially contain SPOILERS for the ones of you who haven’t read much of Naruto, or are planning to start reading it… If that’s the case, SKIP THE PARAGRAPH BELOW!!! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!!
Amaterasu Real Tail
As those of you who are still reading are supposed to know, a signature “technique” of the Naruto series is the infamous Amaterasu, a series of pitch black flames generated on everything the user moves his eyes on… Pitch-black flames which can’t be extinguished in any possible way. Brrr. I wouldn’t invite an user of such technique to a barbecue, that is.

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Amaterasu Shield

-jabberjay Foreign Finds
-jabberjay | Writer


The members of Fairy Tail have been fascinated with the technologies and products of foreign lands, and so they have taken the liberty of reviewing them and picking out the best ones to recommend to our dear readers so that you may experience the same splendor they did...

Foreign Finds - Chibi Lucy
Foreign Finds - Chibi Levy

For this month, Lucy and Levy recommend The Zombie Survival Guide, penned by author Max Brooks. Do zombies exist in Fiore? Maybe, maybe not. But isn't it better to be prepared to face the walking dead than otherwise? Battling the living is one thing, but battling the living dead is another. Filled with suspense and some spine-tingling scenarios, this book helps prepare the reader for a zombie outbreak because you never know when it could happen...

Laxus Chibi

Now Laxus wouldn't tell me what his musical preference is, so I had to get Evergreen to copy the data from his Magic Headphones so I could view what his most played foreign tracks are. And so I find...

  1. How To Save A Life by The Fray
  2. Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
  3. Perfect by Simple Plan
  4. Set Fire to the Rain by Adele
  5. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

P.S. Dear Laxus, Evergreen is sorry for doing this. You teasing her with Elfman just kind of pissed her off, she says, even though she probably likes being teased with Elfman.

Preview for Ep 100

After some intensive research, Loke decided to recommend to readers The Woman In Black, both book and film which would be released in February. "During the month of love, it's sometimes better to watch ghost movies than romance ones, because the fear and screams induced send the ladies clinging to you," says Loke with a meaningful wink. While I'm not interested into clinging into some man's arms (because believe me, I've sat through a full day of horror, gore and suspense movie marathon and I have done no clinging), this is indeed a remarkable story to read/watch. It is the story of a young lawyer who discovers the Woman in Black, the ghost of a bitter woman scaring the locals in a village he visited. It's a narrative that will send chills down your spine...

P.S. Actor Daniel Radcliffe plays the main character.

Foreign Finds - Chibi Elfman

January's Man of the Month, according to Elfman, is the game Fruit Ninja, which is basically an addicting game of slicing fruit tossed onscreen without dropping them. It has been released on iOS, Android, Symbian, Bada and Windows Phone products as well as Facebook (known as "Fruit Ninja Frenzy") and the Xbox 360. You will find yourself wasting eons on this game. As Elfman commented, "If you're a man, slice fruit flawlessly!"

Manly Challenge of the Month: Beat Elfman's score!
Elfman's Fruit Ninja score (iOS products): 460

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Jakuho's Corner

IamJakuhoRaikoben is the founder of Jakuho's Corner, as well as its sole editor. His goal in its founding was to keep editors and viewers of the Fairy Tail Wiki informed on the latest rumors, gossip, and facts about the Fairy Tail Series.


Welcome to "Jakuho's Corner", your source for Fairy Tail rumors, chapter info, interviews, and more!

Note: Do not assume the following are definitely true. These are all rumors that I got from one of my many sources:
  • Some good news for Fairy Tail fans from Mashima in the 50th issue of Shonen Magazine. (It's about the movie.)
  • The third OAD's title is Memory Days (メモリーデイズ Memorī Deizu). It will reveal Natsu's secrets.

Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing with one of our newest Administrators, Rauleli.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Tell us a little about yourself.
Rauleli: Well, I'm Rauleli, a teenager who loves Fairy Tail and enjoys contributing to the Fairy Tail Wiki. My favorite male character is Bickslow and my favorite female character is Lucy Heartfilia.

Fairy Tail Wiki: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?
Rauleli: When I first started watching Fairy Tail, the anime was up to episode 36, Heaven's Game, and Juvia was just about to fight Lucy after being attacked by Vidaldus's Rock of Succubus. I was so thrilled, but when I tried to watch the next episode, I found out it hadn't debuted. Wanting to know when the episode 37 would debut, on July 2010, I stumbled upon the Fairy Tail Wiki. After I got the information I wanted, I left and never contributed. Until February 13, 2011, when Chapter 222 debuted. I wanted to upload a picture of Elfman's Beast Arm: Jet Black Sword, but I needed to be a registered user to do it, so I created an account! And that's where it all started.

Fairy Tail Wiki: How great do you think our wiki is?
Rauleli: I think our wiki is awesome! Definitely one of the best wikis out there when it comes to content quality, reliability, qualities of images, etc. It also looks very professional, something which many other wikis lack.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?
Rauleli: Five tips I would give new users would be:

  1. Don't be an asshole
  2. Don't be a bitch
  3. Don't vandalize
  4. Stay away from Remnant13
  5. Have fun!

Fairy Tail Wiki: What would you like to see on our wiki that isn't already there?
Rauleli: I would like to see people actually reading the policies. Specially the Image Policy.

Fairy Tail Wiki: How long have you been an Administrator?
Rauleli: Well, that's a hard one since this is my third time I'm an admin! The first and second time were only temporary to help out with maintenance or something similar. But the third (and hopefully last) time was because of a community decision and since then it's been about a month and a half.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Do you enjoy the job?
Rauleli: Of course I enjoy the job! Mostly because I can help keep the wiki in order.

-jabberjay Nostalgic Magic
-jabberjay | Writer


Hi. This is the first of the (hopefully) many monthly shots of nostalgia I can provide for you Fairy Tail fans and wiki readers out there. With the quick progress of the series, we've been slowly forgetting the awesome moments of Fairy Tail's past, and so Nostalgic Magic aims to prevent memory loss by reminding you of the Fairies' history as well as stab you a hundred times over with a bayonet while screaming "ARE YOU NOSTALGIC YET?!?!?"

This Month's Feature:


During these recent arcs, we've been virtually grovelling at Elfman's feet, the Manly Beast of Manly Beasts, for his more badass form, Beast Soul, hoping he won't whack us while we ask for an autograph, an opportunity to pet his mane and perhaps a hug since even badass beasts need some love. But how did this beastly, monstrous badassery begin? Was it a result of some a la Frankenstein experiment? Perhaps a hybrid of Take Overs? Maybe he once had a pet beast that possessed him after it died? Was he a descendant of mutant beasts and werewolves? Or maybe this Beast Soul is actually just a requipped beast costume that enhances speed and strength and looks badass at the same time?

To find out the answer, we shall jump back into the past chapters and episodes of Fairy Tail...

Elfman's despair

In year X782, the three Take Over siblings embark on an S-Class mission which involves subduing The Beast. An accident occurs during the mission which leads Elfman to try to Take Over the body of The Beast in order to save them. However, it does not turn out as planned as Elfman loses control and supposedly kills Lisanna. The trauma from this ultimately prevents Elfman from trying a Full-Body Take Over again...

That's not the most awesome way to obtain such power, isn't it? But wait! There's more...

Beast Take Over

In a close battle against the queer earthworm of the Element 4, Sol, of the former Phantom Lord Guild in X784, Elfman gains control over this formidable Take Over. With his sister and himself on the brink of death, Mirajane's tears strengthen and intesify Elfman's willpower, enabling him to execute a full-body Take Over of Beast Soul so that he may save both their lives. This battle ends in victory and the rescuing of Mirajane from the clutches of Phantom Lord's a la Optimus Prime guild.

Touching, heartwarming, epic and full of action... those are the words to describe the birth of the beast within Elfman. Look back to Chapters 55-56 and Episodes 24-25 to witness one of the most riveting moments of the Phantom Lord arc.

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 1: January 2012

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

Poll results will be counted on the 26th of February and will be shown on the next issue.

Anime or Manga?
Which do you prefer?

The poll was created at 22:28 on January 31, 2012, and so far 732 people voted.
If you voted for Manga If you voted for Anime
Why do you prefer Manga?

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Why do you prefer anime?

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New Opening and Ending Themes
Tenth Opening: I Wish Tenth Ending: Boys Be Ambitious
How much did you like the opening?

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How much did you like the ending?

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The Wiki
About the Guilds About the Sorcerer Magazine
Which guild is your favorite?!

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How often do you visit it?

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The Series
The Manga The Anime
How excited are you about the Grand Magic Games?

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How do you think the animator will animate Gray freezing his blood?

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Sting Eucliffe's Dragons Slayer Magic Rogue Cheney's Dragons Slayer Magic
What do think is Sting's element?

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What do think is Rogue's element?

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Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!